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Die späte Reue eines Scammers

#1 von schmubo , 12.01.2022 21:02

Hushpuppi ist einer der erfolgreichsten Scammer Nigerias. Er hat es sogar zu einem eigenen Wikipedia-Eintrag gebracht. Das weiß ich, seit ich eine Scam-Mail aufgefangen habe, deren Inhalt nach Hush Puppy (man beachte die Schreibweise) nur noch 48 Stunden zu leben hat. Mit letzter Kraft schrieb er aus dem Krankenhaus folgende Nachricht:

Zitat von Hush Puppy
I am Mr. James Morrison popularly known as Hush Puppy, I am an internet fraudster and I have been doing this job of scamming people for the past 22 years,I made over $450 million over the years with all kind of expensive cars, houses and living extremely rich life, I made so much money from scamming people but now, I realized that nothing good last forever and no amount of money can buy life, I have been hospitalized for months on a life supporting machine over lung cancer and my doctor said I less than 48 hours on this earth.

Yesterday my pastor visited me at the hospital and while he was praying, he told me to confess my sins and ask for god forgiveness then I confessed to my pastor on how I used to scam people and how I made over $450 million from defrauding people through internet then my pastor said that I need to give all those money and properties away especially to those I defrauded but unfortunately, most of the people I defrauded are late now but I have decided to split all those money to everyone found on my computer contacts.

I have listed all the email and names on my contact list and decided to compensate all the people I found on my contact list with the sum of $500,000 each and to be honest, 90% of the people I defrauded as from America so am doing exactly what my pastor said that I should return all those money back to those I collected it from before I can seek the face of the lord.

I have selected all the American contact details on my computer and yours was among them probably, you and I might have had something in the past but that I cant remember anymore because all that matters to me now is to payback this money so I can be free to seek the face of god and for these reason, I have already concluded an arrangement with my bank (UNION BANK) to pay the sum of $500,000 each to any name submitted by my pastor, the bank can only make payment to only those names submitted by my pastor as I have handed all the payment transaction to him as the only one I can trust at the moment knowing that I might not even be alive in the next 48hours as the doctor said So, I will advise you to kindly contact my pastor with below details.

TEL: +2349013398761

Please you have to contact my pastor immediately for your compensation of $500,000 from me and also find it in your heart to forgive me and if this is all I have to do for god to have mercy on my soul and forgive me then am ready and willing to give away all the money and the properties besides, what is the need of money, luxury cars and houses when you don’t have a life, its better I return all this money rather than leaving it at the bank for those corrupts bank managers or even the government to take over all my assets when am gone so please, you have to contact my pastor for your $500,000 compensation and do remember to forgive my mistakes as am not sure if I will still be alive for the next 48 hours just like my doctors said.

Thank you.

James Morrison A.K.A Hush Puppy

Absender: James Morrison [] (Der "echte" Hushpuppi heißt übrigens Ramon Abbas)

Wer mag, kann sich ja mal mit dem Pastor in Verbindung setzen. Die 48-Stunden-Frist bis zu Hush Puppys Ableben dürfte erst in ein paar Monaten ablaufen - wir kennen doch unsere Scammer!

Mugu vult decipi. Ergo decipiatur!   (frei nach Titio)

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