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Mugu Mohamed Hassan outet sich als Spammer :-)

#1 von HarryHirsch ( gelöscht ) , 19.09.2009 12:38

Am 9. September erhielt Harry Hirschs weibl. Alter Ego "Vera Rschung" auf ihrem gschftl. Email-Account von Mohamed Hassan eine typische Scam-Mail mit dem üblichen BlaBla... 10,5 Millionen Dollar warten darauf, auf Veras Konto überwiesen zu werden etc., wobei sich der Mugu auffällig kurz ausdrückt:

In Antwort auf:
I am the Manager in charge of Auditing section in Society General Bank (SGBB),in Africa I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of ($10.5 million) immediately to your account.I will send you full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will have 30% of the above mentioned amount if you agree to help me execute this business,
Reply Urgent,
Mr.Mohamed Hassan.

Vera antwortet zugleich:

In Antwort auf:
RE: urgent need for your help
Mittwoch, 9. September, 2009 11:53 Uhr
Von: "Vera Rschung" <>

Dear Mr. Hassan,
thank you very much for your email. I am a 32years old business woman from Frankfurt, Germany, and would like to know what you want me to do now. How can I help?
Greetings to you

Miss Vera Rschung

Mohamed spult sein Programm ab, diesmal von einem msn-Account mit IP-Adresse aus Burkina Faso, und möchte Veras persönliche Daten:

In Antwort auf:
X-Originating-IP: []
From: mohamed hassan <> Kontaktdaten anzeigen
To: <>
Subject: I need your good understands in all and urgent reply.
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 08:16:06 +0000
Importance: Normal
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 10 Sep 2009 08:16:06.0892 (UTC) FILETIME=[F23382C0:01CA31EE]
Content-Length: 9629

I need your good understands in all and urgent reply.
Donnerstag, 10. September, 2009 08:16 Uhr
Von: "mohamed hassan" <>

Thanks for your reply, you need to understand first, I need your complete data; listen, everything must be treated as most top secret and confidential is key success. I will like to know you face to face. I am speaking to you in confident that you are capable to handle this transaction and matured enough to know right and respect not to betray this trust I am putting in you, so this divine grace mercy opportunity will not return me to suffer into shame and regret.

I’d want you know the most important thing right now is send me your data so to initiate the transaction to be legitimate and legal by establishing transparent trust as to assure true success of everything we ought to do. I want to register your name and your contacts to stand and appear inside bank’s computer as the successor that was register by the originator of the account ever before he died. For the reason, kindly confirm your date, complete information/profile. Then forth, shall I register your profile inside bank’s computer. Your information needed without delays are:

1.) Your full name: ……….

2.) You are male or female: ………

3.) Your working place and resident address: ……….

4.) The date of your birth: ………..

5.) Your Private telephone: …….…and fax: ………….

6.) Your marital Status: ……

7.) Your mother’s name: …………………

8.) Including your driven licence number or your international passport with its number, if you have any of the identity but not must, although it is good.

Moreover, surely I have good experience. I’m in nice position to gain the money with your aid successful in neat ground. Hence you absolutely follow my instruction correctly.

I want to hear your voice so call me +22678120970 right away. I wish this business have brought us and join us into good everlasting blessed relationship. So I did not want to say much now.

Stay blessed.

Vera Rschung beantwortet ganz artig die wichtigsten Fragen und sendet das in Punkt 8 geforderte Dokument, zwar kein Ausweis und auch kein Führerschein, dafür aber ihre Arbeitsausweis von "Rudis Pommes Stübchen". Zudem noch er Hinweis an Mohame, dass es ieser Ausweis auch tun muss, da ihn nicht jeder bekommt und Vera in der Buchhaltung arbeitet und für's Konto zuständig zeichnet.... schon mal so zum anfressen....

In Antwort auf:
AW: I need your good understands in all and urgent reply.
Donnerstag, 10. September, 2009 09:25 Uhr
Von: "Vera Rschung" <>
An: "mohamed hassan" <>
Die Nachricht enthält Anhänge
1 Datei (150KB

Hello Mr. Hassan,

I want to say thank you for your kind email and for giving me the opportunity to earn so much money in such a short period of time. I will follow your instructions and kindly note the needed informations as follows:

1.) Your full name: Vera Rschung

2.) You are male or female: Female

3.) Your working place and resident address:

Working-place: Rudi's Pommes-Hütte, Borussiastr. 7, 45822 Gelsenkirchen-Schalke

Resident-Address: Gardinenweg 99, 45800 Schweden

4.) The date of your birth: April 1, 1985

5.) Your Private telephone: 01805 / 47 55 71

6.) Your marital Status: Single

7.) Your mother’s name: Rosa Luxemburg

8.) I am at work and private use of scanners etc. are forbidden, but I have my electronic identy-card for the company attached. I am a bearer of such an electronic identy-card because I have access to confidental datas and also direct access to the company's bank account, so I hope this card is trustful enough for you.

Please let me know if I can do anything else. What do you think, when can I expect the money? I would like to emmigrate from Germany to Helgoland next year, so it would be great to earn such a sum of money for me, because it's a good start into a new life. I am not an old woman, and hopefully in Helgoland or somewhere else I will find a man to settle down with and have a family. I am so very much disappointed from German men, you must know.

Thank you very much, I am waiting for your soon answer.

Kind regards, yours truly

Vera Rschung

Jetzt begeht Mohamed seinen esten Fehler und macht Vera Rschung so richtig schön sauer. Es kommt nämlich eine Mail ohne Anrede, ohne Schlussformel und mit nur einem einzigen Satz. Darin fordert Mohamed Vera auf, Bankdaten preiszugeben und diese zu einem Herrn Petit zu senden, der widerum in der SGB-Bank sitzt. Da Vera solch einen Schriftverkehr nicht gewöhnt ist, wir sie richtig zickig, hier aber erstmal die besagte Mail:

In Antwort auf:
fill this text of application.
Donnerstag, 10. September, 2009 18:02 Uhr
Von: "mohamed hassan" <>

Please fill this text of application send it one by one also you can use any of your bank account or open new bank account.

Attention: SGB Burkina Faso Managements.

Yes I know Mr. Petit is my relative and my name is Vera Rschung from Frankfurt , Germany and full postal address Gardinenweg 99, 45800 Schweden Germany . Here by apply for the immediate release of my inheritance fund amounting to US$ 10.5 Million US Dollar, which belongs to my late cousin Mr. Moreau Petit of France, an account holder of (00-238-800-643).

I am sorry for not putting up appearance since his untimely death; it was due to the unforeseen circumstances beyond my control humbly solicited for your immediate attention towards my application.

Below is bank detail:

Bank name: ………….

Bank address: …………….)

Your account number: ---------),

Swift code: …………….)

Your bank telephone number---------)

Fax number ------ and Telex :----------).

Yours faithfully,

Miss. Vera Rschung


You are going to send the application to these banks’s emails one by one

Head office:

Also send to office in charge:

Fax : 226 50 31 05 61

Phone: 226 50 32 32 32

Mail: 01 BP 585 Ouagadougou 01

SGB general site:

Vera ist nun bockig und schreibt zurück, dass sie, wenn sich Mohameds Schreibstil nicht ändert, sofort jeglichen Schriftverkehr cancelt. Vera ist an dieser Stelle etwas dünnhäutig, denn sie fragt sich, ob dieser respektlose Schreibstil mit ihrem noch jungen Alter zusammen hinge oder ob sie nicht ernst genommen wird. Zudem, so Vera, sei sie von ihrem Banker gewarnt worden, nicht auf Internetbetrüger hereinzufallen:

In Antwort auf:
AW: fill this text of application.
Freitag, 11. September, 2009 20:28 Uhr
Von: "Vera Rschung" <>
An: "mohamed hassan" <>

Dear Mr. Hassan,

first and foremost I confirm that I have received your emails. I am a bit astonished though, because you don't open your email with "Dear Vera Rschung" and you don't close it with best greetings. You know, I have been writing a lot of business correspondance yet and the fact that you don't type it shows me your deepest disrespect. It is a very very bad and disiresüectful sign if you do not write the name of your corresponding partner. Or is it, because I am a woman or because I am young? If so, then please forget everyting and we'll stop everything before it ever had started, because we are wrong partners. If you just forgot it, then let me know.

Also there is a mistake in your email. I do not live in Frankfurt, I live in 45800 Schweden, thr street is Gardinenweg 99. ülease kindly correct this.

I spoke to my bank today, because I sold all of my insurances for 125,000 Euros, and my banker warned me because of strange people on the internet from abroad, who ask for bank-contacts and try to break your heart by saying I love you and stuff like that. And they want to marry you etc. You know Mr. Hassan, I do not think you are one of them and my banker is a good person who wants to protect me because i have a very very rich family, but, Mr. Hassan: I am not used to be treated unpolitely. Behind every business there are human beings, do not forget this, ok?

Good. If you want we can proceed now. I have sent you my working-identy card already, I expect yours now.


Vera Rschung

Der Mugu kommt am nächsten Tag angekrochen, klein mit Hut ist er, entschuldigt sein schlechtes Benehmen damit, dass er völlig von der Rolle sei, da sein Bruder einen schweren Autounfall hatte. Er gelobt aber ab heute Besserung und Vera möge doch bitte jetzt umgehend das Formular ausfüllen und zum Banker, Herrn Petit, senden. Und das Problem mit den Internet-Betrügern kennt er auch und wird Vera etwas Nachhilfeunterricht in dieser Sache geben. Das glaube ich gerne...

In Antwort auf:
RE: AW: fill this text of application.
Samstag, 12. September, 2009
07:21 UhrVon: "mohamed hassan" <>

My dear Vera, forgive me for that, my only brother got accident yesterday, i'm not in good control,, i pray that God keep his life for me, it is important, and that is why i could not write you yesterday. please can you correct my mistake and forgive, can you continue with me, please can you fill the application and send to bank also, you said about falsehood people, be careful about them, i will teach you how to find true deal and business because there are many liars in internet, please can you do me effort to call me on phone, i want to hear your voice. please call me:22678120970 call me please. forgive me in anything now, my head is not calm, and fill the application fine.

Thanks with one love and heart as two born of one womb.

Stay bleseed,

Vera ist erleichtert und besänftigt zugleich. Der Mugu möchte gern, dass sich Vera telefonisch meldet, Vera möchte aber zunächst gern etwas mehr über Mohame Hassan erfahren, und vor allem auch ein Bild bekommen. Hassan antwortet aber gar nicht mehr. Daraufhin sendet Vera am 13.09.2009 eine besorgte Mail, warum Hassan sich nicht meldet. Hassan meldet sich dann tatsächlich wieder, schiebt alles auf den Unfall seines Bruders, und jetzt versucht er, nachdem er das Foto gesehen hat und von Veras Reichtümern weiß, Vera plump anzubaggern. Dann lässt Vera die Sau raus und ezählt Hassan erst einmal von all ihren Reichtümern:

In Antwort auf:
AW: do you know how to confirm reality?
Montag, 14. September, 2009 16:04 Uhr
Von: "Vera Rschung" <>
An: "mohamed hassan" <>

Hello Hassan,

thank you very much for your emails. I just read them and I must confess I was kind of speechless. But first of all I must tell you something about myself, because I want you to understand me.

I am not a special person and I am not a better person than anybody else in this world. And I do not judge other people, this is not what I am supposed to do. But i select people very carefully, who want to be close to me. This is why I was so upset about your first emails. In Germany, if you are well educated, you never start a letter or an email without saying Hello or Good Day or whatever, and at the end you always find greetings, even if you write to your biggest enemy. If you write nothing, it is absolutely disrespectful. And my point of view is, you have to respect every human being, no matter if black or white, Christian or Muslem, poor or rich. And usually I never answer emails like you have sent to me.

On the other hand your last email was so full of warmness, I really can read that between the lines. I also I believe in God and unfortunately not many people do pray anymore.

But, and this is another point I need you to understand, I was so disappointed because of so many people here in Germany, that I was taught to be careful. I do not want to write about it, but I grew up in an extremely rich family and though I am still young I have to lead not 1, not 2, but 4 (!!!) companies. To be exactly, I do not lead the companies but I have a head-manager for each company and they report me every month. I could be satisfied, I could make holidays all life long, but this would have never been in the sense of my beloved Daddy. The only company I lead is "Rudi's Pommes-Stübchen" (the company I sent you my ID-card from).

Anyway, why do I write this to you? You are from a foreign country and far away, and you seem to be very smart, so I regard you as a very neutral person. Let's take my last relationship. You know, I trusted this man and he wanted to open his own business to stand on his own feet. My idea was, maybe he feels small or bad if his girl-friend is such rich and he wants to show me what he can. His idea was to open an amusement-park in Castroü-Rauxel, a city here in Germany. Anyway, I borrowed him 250,000 Euros an he was soooooo happy, and I receive get a 15% profit each month and bla bla bla. Fact is, he could not handle this sum of money, he sai that other people stole his money and he needed more. i said, no. I said, you know what... You don't have to pay me back, all I want is you leaving me and the town right away. q hour later he was gone, and I felt like he had sold my soul, do you understand?

And then I got your email. Well, and now you offered me to teach me how to make a difference between good and bad people. Ans I say yes, okay, let's try it.

So I want to know now: What's about this 10.5 Million Dollar project and why does it take such long to get anwers? Who is Mr. Petit and why does he want to have the same information like thse which I already sent you? What can I do to let this business running quickly?

And last but not least: What do you mean in your very last Email, when you asked me wether I knew how to confirm reality.

Okay for now, please send me a photo from you ok?



Schlagartig ändert sich des Mugus Schreibstil... "Dear Vera...", "with love", na also, er kann's doch....

In Antwort auf:
Please call me: +22678120970
Dienstag, 15. September, 2009 12:53 Uhr
Von: "mohamed hassan" <>

Dear Vera,

How are you and family, i hope fine, i did not disrgard any one, as you said, poor, rich whatever religion and race i love every one is of God although another thing can occupy what God made, please to help our selves run closer to the point, please call me right away, also tell me have you send application to bank, i think answer is no? tell me. hope you must know that hence a reputable company is involve in a business, then it is easy to confirm truth by checking their contact ID to be sure that they are from the company indeed, i am saying, hoping that you know that all company contact is comfirmable from each country chambers of commerce. my only belove brother got accident, i hope i have told you? why do you speak as if you are careless over your wealth or maybe i did not reason it well because another person understand may not be right to another, just as you clarify in how to start letter and how to close letter, i know it but when it is concern a regular person to you, i think i did not matter a lot but as you say i will continue, ok don't omit to tell me about the application.

with love hoping you will call me: +22678120970.

sincerely greeting,
Mr. Mohamed.

Vera wird trotz des Rumgesülzes ihres Mugus so richtig sauer. Immer noch kein Foto, keine einzige Frag beantwortet, fragt aber immer und immer wieder danach, von Vera angerufen zu werden läuft's nicht. Also macht sie sich richtig Luft und fordert die Infos, oder sie cancelt alles:

In Antwort auf:
AW: Please call me: +22678120970
Dienstag, 15. September, 2009 15:57 Uhr
Von: "Vera Rschung" <>
An: "mohamed hassan" <>

Hello Hassan,

thank you, I am fine. How are you doing?

Hassan, I want you to read this email very carefully, okay? Please take your time for it and answer me afterwards.

Yes, on Sep. 12 you wrote in an email, that your brother had a car-accident. I hope he is fine again. See, I read your emails, but you don't seem to read mine.

On Sep. 12 you already asked me for my telephone number and I answered as follows: "But maybe we can make a new start. I already gave you all of informations and even sent you my working identy-card but I got nothing from you. Before I call you I would like to know who I am calling. Do you also have kind of an identy-card or a photo? I would appreciate that very very much."

Why are you ignoring my words? I started to trust someone again in my life, I started to trust you, but all those little things drive me crazy, you know?

I also told you that I already gave you all my personal information, why don't you just forward this information to the bank?

I had asked you who Mr. Petit is, but... No answer from you again.

An now listen: It is such easy to make business with me, because

- I am trustworth
- I never lie
- I have enough money for any good business
- I am very easy-going.

But I have to have a partner I can rely on, do you understand?

So no more chit-chat. You get everything from me you need and you always will get it immeadetly. But the same rules for you, my friend.

Okay, and now back to our private issue: You seem to be a smart man and I like that very much. Please Hassan, please show me that I can rely on you and we will become deepest friends, maybe partners. I need a good friend and I was so happy when I got you email.

Besides... Hassan.... Is english your mother-toungue? Your previous email is hard to understand, though I grew up in Canada and studied in Cambridge, UK. I ought to understand you but it's kinda hard.

I expect your email as soon as possible because I would like to finish our business soon. And I want you to keep your promises, so send me your photo and a copy of your passport. Tell me who Mr. Petit is and let me know more about yourself, like do you live in a relationship, are you married, do you have kids and where exactly do you live (country).

I am waiting for your soon answer and best greetings to your brother.

Best wishes

Vera Rschung

Hassan kapiert's einfach nicht. Zwei Mails mit jeweils einem Satz: "Please Call Me..." So läuft' nicht und Vera macht Schluss:

In Antwort auf:
Mittwoch, 16. September, 2009 09:26 Uhr
Von: "Vera Rschung" <>
Absender in den Kontakten speichern
An: "mohamed hassan" <>

Good Morning Hassan,

I am not used that somebody lets me wait, esecially not in a business matter. Please cancel our contact and shred the document I sent you and all other personal details.

We are not in a kindergarden, Hassan. Your words sound intelligent and sweet, but your actions are non-professional.

I would have done this business together with you, just to let you know, but I need a partner I can trust and not a chatter-box.

Kind regards

Vera Rschung

Offiz. Trabbi-Ersatzteil-Exporteur
NRW & Hessen
Castrop-Rauxel / Frankfurt O. / Wanne-Eickel

Der Mugu kontert zurück, mit richtig dollen Geschützen...

In Antwort auf:
RE: Finished
Mittwoch, 16. September, 2009 13:06 Uhr
Von: "mohamed hassan" <>

Thanks, i hope you are keep fine? anyway, i want to do business with you but i don't like the way you talk to me.

Vera fährt neue Geschütze auf und will den Mugu jetzt eiskalt bloßstellen. Dazu schickt sie ihm eine lange Mail. Vera sagt, sie wusste seit Bginn an, dass Hassan ein Scammer ist, für den sie aber trotz allem etwas übrig hat. Er hat einen charmanten Schreibstil , scheint intelligent zu sein , so daß Vera ihm einen Job anbietet. Vera möchte eine ihrer vier Firmen ausbauen und auch Afrika beliefern. Der Mugu bekommt wahlweise 'nen Benz oder ein Audi zur Verfügung gestellt und erhält ein jährliches Salär von 225.000 Euro. Alles was er tun muss: Scammen aufgeben und nach Frankfurt kommen - Vera bezahlt auch den Flug.

In Antwort auf:
Donnerstag, 17. September, 2009 15:27 Uhr
Von: "Vera Rschung" <>
An: "mohamed hassan" <>

Mohamed Hassan,

do yourself an own favor and read this email carefully, will you?

I do not understand how it came, that I got your email a couple of weeks ago. But anyway - I am one of the richest persons here in Germany with 4 huge companies on my small female shoulders.

OF COURSE i knew from the beginning on, that your email was a fake and checked the bank contacts and everything. So you and I know, that you only want other peoples money. I do not want to get any deeper into it, because this is only bullshit, mud and dirt for me, and I don't want to have anything to do with it.

But I had a very different thought. I realized that you seem to be a smart man. Your sentences made sense and you seem to be a good sales-person, because you sold yourself perfectly.

And now I will be coming to the point where you just have to listen and to think:

I am looking for an African representative, because I want to expand my business from Maroc to South Africa. Especially South Africa is an important issue for me because of the World Championship in soccer next year, but also countries like Ghana or Nigeria.

My problem is: The European menthality and culture is so different to the European, therefore I have been looking for a chance to find a smart person from Africa, who knows language and people.

My offer is: I send you a flight ticket to Frankfurt, you live in a first class hotel for one week and I show you my companies and we talk about business in Africa.

If you like the job, you become a member of my company and I hire you as a Director for Africa. We pay for your house, we give you either a Mercedes 300SL or an Audi A8 as a car, you'll receive both, American Express and Visa Credit card and I offer you an annual income of 225,000 Euros for the first year.

If you are married, your wife is hearty invited to come to Frankfurt, too.

Your job in Africa would be to keep contact to already existing partners, to arrange a main-office and to expand our activities on the market there.

And, my dear Mohamed Hassan: your email was a fake, we both know it. But: My offer is reality!

All I want to hear is a yes or no. Think about it, I'll give you time until Friday.

And my personal advice for you: Don't waste your life-time in a dirty internet-cafe by scamming innocent people around the world. Take this chance, for this will be the only big chance in your life probably. I mean it seriously.

Best regards from Germany,

Vera Rschung

Der Mugu wird pampig:

In Antwort auf:
you did not know why i love to do with you, i want to hear your voice so call me.
Donnerstag, 17. September, 2009 10:28 Uhr
Von: "mohamed hassan" <>

You are good in write and replying prompt but I think I waste my time. Do you think you are writing with a kid, concern professional or unprofessional, yes you will think so, because noting proves me as to impel me to believe that I am doing to right person, it took me to consider but my notice I follow, or are you right person. If come to chat with webcam also, if when I trust you, I will give you my ID. Thanks.

Be assured that you are writing to real person for real deal that must profit you, if not may God punish my life to perish, that is my prayer.

I would have called you but no calm in me about you and security to defend in case of the economic group programmed made to end possible embezzlement.

Thanks and take care.

Dem Mugu gehen so langsam die Argumente aus. Er unterstellt Vera, sie sei auch eine Scammerin und Vera hat nun wirklich keinen Bock mehr, cancelt alles und stellt ihn klar als Scammer bloß:

In Antwort auf:
"Vera Rschung" <>
An: "mohamed hassan" <>
Die Nachricht enthält Anhänge1 Datei (41KB)

Why do you say you are not a scammer? We, both you and I, know that you are a damned frigging scammer. There is no Dr. Petit and there are hundreds of your faked mails on the internet with your name.

Yes, I am female, I sent you my photo, did you forget? And did you also forget that I said I never lie?

It must be very strange for you to meet somebody who never lies, but things are like I said.
But you have had your choice and you took the wrong way. This is very sad, because your way is the evil way. I feel very sorry for you, definatly. The attached photo is for you.

Good bye, there will be no more answer from my side.

Der Scammer antwortet völlig konfus, um nicht zu sagen: Absoluten Dünnschiss...

In Antwort auf:
feel in love
Samstag, 19. September, 2009 00:44 Uhr
Von: "mohamed hassan" <>

real i love you in that picture, hope are not a scammer, i could hardly forget you, i am dreaming how will it be if a white girl like you born a child for me, i wish you can change to be mine, truth is good and real good but money have cause a lot damage against truth but if you know me, you will think twice about me.

Fünf Minuten später das Gestännis: Es ist ein Spammer und vermutet in mir eine Spammerin, in deren Foto er sich verliebt hat und die er über msn näher kennen lernen möchte. Sollte ich jedoch männlich sein, könnte ich's vergessen:

In Antwort auf:
like this your statement: "Why do you say you are not a scammer? We, both you and I"
Samstag, 19. September, 2009 00:49 Uhr
Von: "mohamed hassan" <>

like this your statement: "Why do you say you are not a scammer? We, both you and I", let see in webcam and get more closer known to each other, do you send rich child letter to get man rep up, ok what? get more open to me especially if you are girl indeed but if you are not, please forget.

Na prima, erstmalig hat sich jemand Vera Rschung gegenüber als Scammer geoutet und zum Dank schiebt Vera in ihrer heutigen Mail gleich noch ein Foto nach. Allerdings wird der Süiess jetzt herumgedreht. Nun, da beide wissen, dass Hassan nur ein kleiner doofer Spammer ist, fängt sie wieder mit ihren Firmen und dem Jobangebot an. Ziel: Hassan soll nach Frankfurt kommen. Mal sehen, was draus wird:

In Antwort auf:
AW: like this your statement: "Why do you say you are not a scammer? We, both you and I"
Samstag, 19. September, 2009 07:21 Uhr
Von: "Vera Rschung" <>
An: "mohamed hassan" <>


you are a stubborn man. Listen to me: I am not a scammer and I never ever in my life have asked someone for money. Therefore I never ever will ask you for money either. But you start to interest me. Listen:

I am a real female German woman.

I have so much money which you never in your life will earn, that's a fact.

Not you, but both of us, you and I, decide if and when we will have an internet session with webcam. But I hate it when you demand things without asking me, okay?

I agree with you - I really don't know why I am still writing you, because I know you are a scammer, but it is strange, I feel like I want to support you, get out of what you are doing now and getting you a real good job in my company.

Yes, and I also agree with you, because I am not used that men or women disagree with me. That's why I appreciate your stubborness.

I will send you another photo from me, and I expect your photo. As soon as I got your photo, I am ready for you to chat with a webcam.




RE: Mugu Mohamed Hassan outet sich als Spammer :-)

#2 von HopSing ( gelöscht ) , 19.09.2009 12:55

LOL, das ist cool. Dann könntet ihr zusammen romantisch von zu Hause aus Scammen...

Aber für das Flugticket zahlt doch Vera, oder?


RE: Mugu Mohamed Hassan outet sich als Spammer :-)

#3 von HarryHirsch ( gelöscht ) , 19.09.2009 13:00

Aber klar... Ticket zahlt Vera, der Mugu müsste nur dem Travel-Agenten schon einmal 100 Euro vorab schicken, aus versicherungstechnischen Gründen und.... über Western Union natürlich ...


RE: Mugu Mohamed Hassan outet sich als Spammer :-)

#4 von Dana , 20.09.2009 12:24

Ich habe diesen Thread in den Mitgliederbereich verschoben.

Illusionen regieren die Welt. Die jeweils größere Illusion gewinnt das Spiel.

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RE: Mugu Mohamed Hassan outet sich als Spammer :-)

#5 von HarryHirsch ( gelöscht ) , 20.09.2009 13:51

So, jetzt ist der gute Mohamed Hassan endgültig geknackt... Ich hatte diesen Thread bis jetzt im öffentlichen Bereich stehen, er hat ihn gelesen und schreibt mir folgende weinerliche Email, die für sich sprechen dürfte... Ist fast so schön wie eine Trophäe.

In Antwort auf:
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From: mohamed hassan <>
To: <>
Subject: Dear Vera please forgive me and please remove.
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 10:02:52 +0000

Dear Vera,

Vera please forgive me, please forgive me, condition brings some situation into one's life but you may not know this because of where you are being born, raise up or your family etc, and if you indeed accept my pledge, please show me by removung your post 10 sep:

Vera, please do that for me first, please Vera. Vera if you wish to know me, you will. let become good friend and not to harm, because you are not God that made you whatever you are, even free from being victim of any sort of.........

I pray that if there are indeed one who answer prayer "God" that all your good prayer request for your life will be answered as you accept and remove above post, which you made against me for goodness sake.

Vera you can't understand if i say because of how we came to know. but do me this favor.


Für den Bruchteil einer Sekunde empfand ich sogar Mitleid, aber dem Mugu geht es einzig und allein darum, dass seine angeleierten Geschäfte nicht kaputt gemacht werden, und Mitleid ist für diese Leute auch völlig unbekannt, wenn es darum geht, jemandem den letzten Euro aus der Tasche zu ziehen.

Ich werde jetzt versuchen, Hintergrundinfos von ihm zu bekommen, und wenn er nicht -spurt, dann wandert dieser Thread halt wieder in den öffentlichen Bereich

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