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Andreas Schranner ist wieder da !!

#1 von SigiF ( gelöscht ) , 22.05.2009 15:24

Der probierts wieder mal

For Your kind Attention Please:

ben kwassi

von ben kwassi <>
Antwort an
Datum 20. Mai 2009 15:42
Betreff For Your kind Attention Please:
Gesendet von

For Your kind Attention Please:

Could you please consider helping me to relocate this sum of Three million, five hundred thousand dollars (US$ 3.5 million) to your country for establishing a medium size industry in your country.

The said 3.5 million dollars was deposited in our Bank by Mr.Andreas Schranner,a German citizen who work with us and died in a plane crash in Monday, 31 July, 2000, 13:22 GMT 14:22 UK. We have tried to contact any of his immediate family to come forward for claims but could not succeed.

We discovered that late German died along side with his wife and children who supposed to be his next of kin. I will give you all vital information concerning the German and the 3.5 million dollars in our custody so that you will contact our company for them release the money to you as next of kin.

You can come here in person or you can also request the Bank to ship the funds to you in your country diplomatically or transfer. I am a Manager in this Bank; I will play a role to make sure that the 3.5 million dollars is released to you. As soon as I received your reply, I will give you a draft application which you forward to our Bank for the process of the fund.
Reply and let me know your full name, age, address, occupation, your telephone and fax number if available.

I await your urgently reply
Mr. Benard H. Kwassi.

IP aus Benin


RE: Andreas Schranner ist wieder da !!

#2 von fridolin , 22.05.2009 15:32

Der ist aber arm geworden, von 15 Millionen über 10,5 und heute nur noch 3,5. Die Mugus in Benin haben nicht schlecht gelebt.


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