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Erick Rusell

#1 von grannymouse ( gelöscht ) , 15.03.2013 16:35

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Dear Hon,

We write you this letter as an introduction and to extend our hands of friendship and establishing a meaningful relationship with you.

We are a registered consortium here in Austria. The company name is Hienkly & co .and was established in the year 1946 immediately after the second-world war.Ever since we have covered a lot of grounds in establishment and giving services in areas of Road Construction and Rehabilitation,Mining, Estate, Survey and Transportation to many parts of Europe and Africa Asia.

In the course of our duties we developed interest in the politics of many countries and your country happens to be one of them . For a good number of years we have been following the activities of your country in terms of politics and we are convinced it has meaningful programs and brighter future for the people.

In this vein, our representatives have dutifully recommended that this consortium supports you in your business/ambition .........

We are ready to assist you financially without the physical representation of our personnel.This caution is necessary for security reasons as we are not ready to interfere with the modus-operandi of the political operators but you would be closely observed from behind the scenes.

Hon Sir, having given you the levels of intended program with you, it is pertinent for you to meet with some of our representatives in Austria to complete arrangement based on your acceptance of this proposal.

We want you to equally know that this proposal shall elicit some rewards from you and your party/company as we have to make up a huge amount of money that shall be expended on your campaigns/company.

This shall be in the form of you recommending our company to the government under which you shall serve if you are elected into any officer, for the award of contracts.

It shall be your responsibility to guide this contract from when it shall be awarded till the period it would expire at the completion of every necessary payment.

We wish to hear from you by mail at the receipt of this letter to facilitate operations as soon as possible.

Yours’ Sincerely.

E-mail :

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