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#1 von melapino ( gelöscht ) , 11.07.2012 09:00

kennt jemand diese e mail adresse beim googeln nichts gefunden, soll eine Polizeieinheit sein aus Bahrain, die scammer ausfindig machen soll.Nach Geld wurde nicht gefragt, jedoch in Aussicht gestellt betrogenes abgezogenes Geld eventuell zurück zu bekommen.

Dear Madam,

As an appointed Inspector General of Police (I.G.P) Kingdom Of Bahrain , Major General Ibrahim Habib Al-Ghaith by his excellency the king, Khalifa ibn Salman Al Khalifa. To serve my country with Godly heart for the interest of my people and foreigners who has been scammed by a bad transactions here. we have your case now in our desk concerning a certain scammer who claim to be called ( CHRISTIAN WOOD/ A UK CITIZEN ) who has use ways and means to fraud you with a huge amount of money and now hiding here in BAHRAIN, we as BAHRAIN POLICE want you to understand that he is not from England or any part of Great Britain. they are a groups of gangs who use ways and means in the internet to deceive foreign women in an internet dating and also use so many sweet loving words to convince you to fall in love and send them money.

we now have all the clear evidence here in our office concerning this so call black man who he claim to be CHRISTIAN WOOD and has been defrauding you with a huge amount of money whiles it is all fake and not correct.

With the help of our scamming detective machines, we are aware of your dealings here in BAHRAIN with this fraud groups which their leader is CHRISTIAN WOOD and still hiding here in BAHRAIN and I have been directed to personally handle your dealings here in BAHRAIN to ensure your transactions are legally conducted to aid success of the delivery/release of your funds in BAHRAIN to you in various institutions in the country, including banks, security company, western union e.t.c

You foreigners abroad have this problem here of been scammed and never choose to report any of them to the authority here in BAHRAIN to take proper precaution and help you resolve it but keep on sending money to wrong people by labeling the country bad among other countries.

We don't want Bahrain to be black listed in international trade for this reason and in my reign as the IGP of Bahrain, i want to fight against corruption in general and this Internet Fraud in particular. For the success of all your transaction here in Bahrain , I advise you to work in hand with me and the police in Bahrain to verify your transaction and the people you deal with here before you fall in their traps again and be scammed.. It is for me to know about your transaction here because without that there is no way I can help you out of this mess you are and little i can do without proper information from you.

Finally, A huge consignment of money was reported to be yours and has been hiding with this so called CHRISTIAN WOOD who has scammed you and disappointed you in his various fake words , i received this call about two night ago and will go and check it out and if it is yours then we Bahrain police will do all our possible best to trace this man and arrest him and after we can transfer your money back to you . I advise you send to me your details also to confirm with the consignment they reported is yours.

I will advice you to stop any communication between you and this CHRISTIAN WOOD for security reasons so that we can be able to make him a quick arrest. I will only advice you to be careful for you not to be scam that is why you have to update us first before you make any payment to Bahrain to enable me follow up so that your money will not get lost. I am looking forward to your urgent reply.

Best Regards,
Major General Ibrahim Habib Al-Ghaith
Inspector General of Police

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#2 von Torkanov , 11.07.2012 09:55

Nach Geld wurde nicht gefragt, jedoch in Aussicht gestellt betrogenes abgezogenes Geld eventuell zurück zu bekommen.

Das man nur bekommt wenn man vorher eine "Gebühr" bezahlt.
Nichts Neues, das ist ein alter Hut.

Ich weiss was ich tue, und wenn ich es mal nicht weiss, tue ich es trotzdem!


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RE: <>

#3 von melapino ( gelöscht ) , 11.07.2012 10:36

Ok dankeschön


RE: <>

#4 von Herrmann † , 11.07.2012 12:43

Das sind die ganz miesen Typen; die suchen nach Leuten, die schonmal gescamt wurden, um sie nochmal abzuziehen. Wer mag, kann sich ja mal angucken, was ich mit so einem Vogel anzustellen pflege.
Klick hier drauf

Bait save

Herrmann the German

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Herrmann †
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RE: <>

#5 von melapino ( gelöscht ) , 11.07.2012 16:27

Habs gelesen einmalig ,die arme Frau Spinner zum Glück gehts ihr wieder richtig gut.


RE: <>

#6 von krümel ( gelöscht ) , 11.07.2012 22:42

Na da ist ja wohl auch etwas faul,hoffentlich fällt auf sowas niemand rein.krümel



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