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Hm, Der Prof Charles Soludo oder....

#1 von icewastl , 20.11.2009 00:35

fast übersehen, mal wieder Post vom Prof oder einem "Trittbettfahrer"

In Antwort auf:
Von: Prof. Charles Soludo <>
Betreff: Re:Hello
An: ***
Datum: Freitag, 6. November 2009, 8:54
Greetings & Compliments of the season!

This is Prof. Charles Soludo, and this mail comes to you in my place. I'm very happy and obliged to inform you about my success in getting the funds transferred under the co-operation of a new partner from London, United Kingdom. Presently i have quit my Banking carrier and i'm now in London for investment projects with my own share.

Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in the realization of this endeavour despite the fact that it failed some how, but honestly, i remember and i appreciate you.

Now, i feel i should let you have something anyhow, underminding how little it is, its my widow's might, as i hope you will most greatfully appreciate it. so you should contact my personal Secretary, his name is Mr Mashawe Dafe Lucky and his contact email address is ( call him on this line Tel: is 234-8032960150

Tell him that i have instructed you to contact him for the money, and ask him to send you the total sum of US$900,000,00, which I have drawn in your name and kept for you as compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this endeavour. I did appreciate your efforts very much, and that's why you have to accept my token and keep the matter to yourself. So feel free and get in touch with my Secretary Mr.Mashawe Dafe Lucky, and advice him on how and where to send the amount to you quickly.

Please, do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy together after all the troubles incured during the claim. As at the moment, I am very busy here in London because of the projects which I and my new partner are having at hand in U.K.

Finally, remember that I have left instruction to my Secretary on your behalf. So feel much free to get in touch with him and he will send the money to you without any delay.

Thanks, and my greetings to your family and well wishers.

With best regards,

Prof.Charles Soludo

Icewastl der Bergtroll
Es ist das Schicksal des Genies, unverstanden zu bleiben. Aber nicht jeder Unverstandene ist ein Genie.R.W.Emerson

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