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Kelvin kommt !

#1 von alter Schwede , 07.03.2009 09:40


I like to make a reservation in your facility for the services of a car rental/tour guide services and accomodation for my family.We shall be touring round your country and shall also engage in holiday outing activities like the bicycle/ motorcycle guided tours and sightseeing tours too.I am actually coming to your country on a vacation trip with my extended family and we hope to make our trip a pleasant one.My group comprises of 10 persons,Mr Kelvin Jones,Mrs Suzzan Jones(my wife),(Wilson 17yrs),(catherine15yrs).The other six persons comprises my mum,Hugette Jones(56yrs),Franco Tibs,Sarah Tibs ,Daniel & Michelle Tibs - 17 & 19yrs),Nicole Wetford (34 yrs)
Arrival date: 5th may 2009
Departure date :6th June 2009
Number of Guest: 10 Pax
Hotel category : 3*
Room type: 4 double rooms 2 single rooms
Confirm availability and get back to me with your rates and total cost so that i can make a deposit payment for our reservation.

Best Regards.
Dr Kelvin Jones
Brooks Croft
House 26
second avenue
London, E179QH
United Kingdom

alter Schwede

alter Schwede
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Donald Loh braucht deine Hilfe
Schade, nur "Seven Million Six Hundred Thousand USDollars" XD

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