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URGENT & CONFIDENTAIL PLS Atiku Abubakar, Vice President of Nigeria

#1 von Scambaiter , 22.05.2007 21:26

So, so der Vice President of Nigeria schreibe mir persönlich.
Da muss es wohl was wichtiges sein. Außerdem noch eilig und Geheim.

Schade, dass ich gerade keine Zeit habe. Aber wer Lust hat, kann geren antworten.

In Antwort auf:

Von: "abubaka00atiku" <> Ins Adressbuch
Datum: Mon, 21 May 2007 11:12:45 -0200

Atiku Abubakar
Vice President of Nigeria

Dear Friend,

I got your contact through your country's chamber of commerce and industry as one of the honest business personalities who can be capable to handle my business proposal .

My name is Atiku Abubakar the Vice President Of Nig. As you might have heard about the political situation in my country in recent times, you might also have heard my political embattlement with President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. I have been embroiled into political unrest with the President ever since and then i deemed it no longer comfortable to invest my money in my country. Hence this contact with you for assistance.

I want to transfer the sum of $75,000,000.00 (Seventy-Five million Dollars) to your care in bits of $38M first and 37$M next due to the volume of the money which i deposited with a finance and security company abroad and it has to be confidential because i don't want the president to know about this.

I will furnish you with the details and also introduce you to my personal representative who have taken care of all the legal responsibilities so that you can contact and deal with him directly on my behalf towards the transfer.I intend investing my own share of the fund in Estate management business.

You will therefore be furnished with special instructions on how to proceed. We shall enter into deed of an irrevocable partnership bond and agreement which will be drafted upon your acceptance to my proposal. I will be willing to give you 30% for your assistance.

While replying please furnish me with your private phone numbers for easy communication. I have reposed my confidence in you and hope that you will not disappoint me. There is no risk involved since you and i the only one who know about this fund apart from my personal representative.

Get back to me immediately for details on how to proceed next. through my private email contact ( )Have a good day.

Also mailto: abubaka00atiku

Yours sincerely,
Atiku Abubakar
Vice President Of Nig.

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