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MR.FIEL NNELY Frankfurt Germany

#1 von Scambaiter , 24.05.2007 21:26

...das Geld ist schon (fast) in Deutschland, zum greifen nahe!
Wer es haben möchte, kurze Mail an Herrn FIEL NNELY oder MRS HARET ADAMS genügt...

In Antwort auf:
Datum: Tue, 22 May 2007 15:41:10 -0400
Von: "FIEL NNELY" <admin_office@ghytf.iut> Ins Adressbuch
An: ***@***
Betreff: Beloved,

Receive from my heart,
How are you today? Hope all is well with you and your family?,You may not
understand why this mail came to you.But if you do not remember me, you might
have receive an email from me in the past regarding amulti-million-dollar
business proposal which we never concluded.
I am using this opportunity to inform you that this multi-million-dollar
business has been concluded with the assistance of another partner from Germany
who financed the transaction to a logical conclusion.I thank you for
your great effort to our unfinished transfer
of fund into your account due to one reason or the other best known to you.
But I want to inform you that I have successfully transferred the fund into my new
partner's account in Germany, who was eventually,
capable of assisting me in this great venture.

Due to your effort, sincerity, courage and trust worthiness You showed during
the course of the transaction.I want to compensate you and show my gratitude to
you with the sum of $1,200,000.00.I have left a certified international bank
draft for you worth of $1,200,000.00 cashable everywhere in the world.

My dear friend I will like you to contact my Account Officer with Capital Trust
Bank Plc,Cotonou- Benin Republic, his name is MRS HARET ADAMS, on his direct
email address at
for the collection of your certified Bank Draft.

I authorized him to release the Bank Draft to you whenever you contact her
regarding for it.At the moment, I'm very busy here because of the investment
projects,which I and the new partner are having at hand.
Please I will like you to accept this token with good faith as this is from the
bottom of my heart, Also comply with MRS HARET ADAMS's directives so that she
will send the draft to you without any delay.

Account Officer, Capital Trust Bank Plc,
Cotonou, Benin Republic,
His email address:

Therefore, you should send him your full Name and telephone number/your correct
mailing address where you want him to send the draft to you, or your account
information for depositing the Bank Draft.
Thanks and God bless you and your family. Hoping to hear from you as soon as
you cash your Bank Draft.

Frankfurt Germany

MfG - Scambaiter
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