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Der Beweis das die Ihre Emails nicht lesen

#1 von strickjacke ( gelöscht ) , 05.04.2007 20:12

Nachdem ich im Moment kein Glück habe und mir alle Sachen in den Fingern zerbröseln
habe ich gestern dem André sein Postfach gelehrt zweien seriös geantwortet und dreien
einfach nur Mist geantwortet. Und ausgerechnet der, dem ich eigentlich nix geantwortet
habe der meldet sich. Ich wollte Euch eigentlich meine Anfängerergüsse ersparen aber dass...
By the way ich weis immer noch nicht wer der im Betreff genannte pls ist

In Antwort auf:
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Tel:00228 9458136.



Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise and if it might offend you
without your prior consent and writing through this channel.

I am Dr.Yemi Oyedepo,The Chairman, Contract Awarding committee of the ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OF
WEST AFRICAN STATES ( ECOWAS)with Headquarters in Lome, Togo.

I got your contact through Network on line in my search for a reliable and reputable person to
handle a very confidential transaction that involves a transfer of fund to a foreign account and
I decided to write you.

After discussing my view and your profile with my colleagues,they were very much satisfied and
decided to contact you immediately for this mutual business relationship.We wish to transfer the
sum of USD 32m (Thirty-Two Million United States Dollars only.)into your personal or company`s bank account.

This fund was a residue of the over invoiced contract bills awarded by us for the supply of
ammunitions, hard/softwares,phamaceauticals/medical items,light and heavy duty vehicles, a
pperals and other administrative logistics etc for the ECOMOG in Sierria-Leone and Liberia during the Peace Keeping Projects.

This DEAL was deliberately hatched out and carefully protected with all the attendant lope holes
sealed off.As the Chairman of CAC,I have the cooperation and mandate of the Financial Director
and the Secretary of the Organisation.We arranged and over invoiced the contract funds supplied
by different companies from different countries during the crisis.

It was our consensus to seek the assistance of a willing foreigner to provide us with the facilities
to transfer this money out of West Africa.This is borne out of our beleif in the non-stable and sporous
political nature of this sub-region.

The original contractors have been duely paid by the Banque Centrale Des Etats De L`Afrique De L`Ouest
(Central Bank of the West African States)through our bankers-INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AFRICA(IBA)UNION TOGOLAISE

This balance is suspended in the escrow accounts awaiting claims by any foreign company of our choice.We
intend to pay out this fund now as the organisation is winding up its activities since the aim of returning
PEACE to the countries and the coast has been achieved.

Based on the laws and ethics of employment,we as civil servants working under this organisation, are not
allowed to operate a foreign account.

This is the more reason why we needed your assistance to provide an account that can sustain this fund for
safe keeping and our future investment with your comprehensive advise,assistance and partnership in your country.

It is however agreed,as the account owner in this deal to allow you 30% of the entire sum as compensation,
65% will be held on trust for us while 5% will be usedto defray any incidental charges and cost during the
course of the transaction.

This transaction will be successfully concluded within 14 days if you accord us your unalloyed and due
cooperation.You should provide the followings:


Upon the receipt of this informations,i will forward them to the organisation for ratification and
subsequent payment. As with the case of all organised (sensitive)and conspired DEALS,we solicit for your
unreserved confidentiality and utmost secret in this business. We hope to retire peacefully and leave a
honourable business life afterwards.There are no risks involved.

You can reach me through my private phone 00228 9458136 for more details.
With regards.
Dr.Yemi Oyedepo.

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RE: Der Beweis das die Ihre Emails nicht lesen

#2 von strickjacke ( gelöscht ) , 05.04.2007 20:13

Meine Antwort darauf ist das folgende:

We have no Pls. here sorry


RE: Der Beweis das die Ihre Emails nicht lesen

#3 von strickjacke ( gelöscht ) , 05.04.2007 20:15

Und darauf kam wieder ein seitenlanges Mail.

Dear Mr. André,

Thank you for your urgent respond to my e-mail and your willingness to assist me in this
successful transaction.I will want you to know that this transaction which I have introduced
to you is legal and legitmate. I contacted you for this successful transaction that will
benefits both of us only if you are ready to follow my advise and instruction definately we
shall rejoice together after the contract funds is been approved in your name and transfered
to the account you will be provided.

Now I will start by putting things clear,this transaction is something that we want to do
without any trace(s).Money without security and rest of mind is useless. We like our honourable
jobs of confidence as the chairman contract awarding commitee of economic community of west
african states(ECOWAS). We would like to leave the job on our own out of personal volution
and not to be handled as disdents.

Honestly i appreciate the high level of your understanding, committment,sincerity and seriousness
that you have demonstrated at this moment. I promise you will not regret being positive and
straight in your life. The nature of the transaction in details:

I and my colleagues are still members of this ecowas organization and will never want our
name to be dainted,this is over invoiced amount as i told you and the original contractor
that executed this contract has been dully paid and this over invoiced amount of usd 32m is
still in escrew account waiting for claim.

We would have puting claim over this money but for the fact that we are civil servants,we
are not allowed to operate a foreign account and that is the reason why we contacted you
for an assistance,by providing an account which i will submit to the economic community
of west african states approving body for approval.

We do not want to have any hitch in this transaction as a result of delays and in the
process of puting USD32,000,000.00 at stake. We have been in the ecowas organization for
years and know what can make a transaction of this kind to backfire. This will mean
toying with our career which we don,t want.
I am assuring you that soon as you forward to me your bank details and the contract is
approved, which i know quite alright because all the arrangements has been puting in
place waiting for your bank informations.i will also send to you the copies of the approval
documents as soon as it is approved for your perusal and records.

As we have stated earlier in the introductory letter we sent to you that you will have only
30% of USD32,000,000.00 after the transfer of this fund to your account, while we take 65%.
As you know we have 5% set aside for this expenses which we shall take from this fund as
soon as the transaction is over before the normal sharing as stated above.

This point is very clear. Please take your time and decide if it is acceptable to you.
Otherwise, we will not want to start at all.This will complicate issues if we should
start processing everything in your name for you to come up with a negative reaction
later, due to these conditions not well explained to you at this time.

Please I will still want us to continue as friends even if there is no possibility for
you to work with us in this regard.Now I think everything is very clear. We are only
interested in getting this transaction successfully concluded within 7 working days as
soon as the contract is approved. We know that 65% of USD32,000,000.00 is enough for us
to live confortably till we die and so is your own 30%.Greed kills.

My Word:This transaction is risk-free,legal and legitmate,Also will never involve any one
along the line if only you are ready to follow our guidelines.
Do not reply any letter to the bank without sending me a copy of such letter for review to
avoid mistakes that may effect this transaction as soon as the contract is approved in your
name and been forwarded to the bank by the ecowas for immediate transfer to your account.

All you need to do is to understand that the watchword is confidentiality and trust.Do not
expose this to your friends to protect this transaction from suffering a hitch anywhere along
the line. Everything is legal and will be legally done. There is nothing different from the
normal bank fund transfer proccedure.

All we need is your maximum cooperation and maturity to see that we finally smile together
as one, in few days from now.

Once again,it is legal and legitmate,so do not entertain any atom of fear in this transaction
because everything will be legally done.

I look forward to recieving your bank details to enable me submit it with the APPROVING BODY
for the immediate approval of the contract in your name,
Best regards,
Yours faithfully,
Dr. Yemi Oyedepo.


RE: Der Beweis das die Ihre Emails nicht lesen

#4 von strickjacke ( gelöscht ) , 12.04.2007 20:20

Darauf meine Antwort

My dear Dr. Oyedepo,

when I have replied to you yesterday I have not been aware about any transaction.
The mail you have sent before was adressed to attn. pls. which I misinterpreted as
for attention of pls. I guess it is something in a local language you speak in Togo.

However I am very interested to assist you. But to be honest, I have some concerns
about the seriousity of your offer. There is so much criminality in the Internet nowadays.
Before we go into details I would like ask you about some proof. Could you please submit to
me some official document about yourself. I would also like to ask you if you couls submit
to me any proof that the funds are existing.
Third and last question, why do you use a greek emailaddress if you are from Togo.

Best regards

Yours sincerely

André Leute-Sachen
General Manager
Gitterblick und Einschließ GmbH


RE: Der Beweis das die Ihre Emails nicht lesen

#5 von strickjacke ( gelöscht ) , 12.04.2007 20:27

Jetzt habe ich gelernt das Rom die griechische Hauptstadt ist und nach dem Pass
ist Herr Oyedepo Chaiman of Ecomoc. Laut Wikipedia gibt und gab es aber keinen
Chaiman OyeOye. Also fragen wir doch mal.

Dear André Leute-Sachen,

Your mail has been recieved and the content well noted. Firstly I will want you to know that the
reason why I have choose using greek email is that I was at Rome some years ago when I was
doing a course and since then I choose to use greek email.

I am sending to you below the copy of my International Passport for you to recognise me and
I will also be waiting to recieve yours for my recognition. So please do not entertain any
fear regarding to the frozen of your account after transfering the contract funds to your
account because before the money could be transfered to your account,ECOWAS ORGANIZATION has
to approve the contract for payment which has to do with documentations and you will in turn
recieve all the approval documents as well as the paying bank.

All those documents will be sent to you for your perusal and records which you will tender to
your bank as soon as the money hits your account in your country.You should also remember that
before the paying bank could transfer the contract funds to your account,there must be some
documents which will be sent to you by the bank for records and they will contact your bank
immediately the fund is set for transfer in to your designated account.

Please note that this is the normal bank to bank fund transfer and nothing more than that,
you will also recieve from the paying bank all the related documents that will proof the
legitmacy of the contract fund free from DRUG etc.

I look forward to recieving your bank account details as soon as you recieve this mail.
Thank you and remain blessed.
Yours faithfully,
Dr. Yemi Oyedepo.

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RE: Der Beweis das die Ihre Emails nicht lesen

#6 von strickjacke ( gelöscht ) , 12.04.2007 20:40

No good explanation
An: Send an Instant Message "DR.YEMI OYEDEPO" <>
Dear Dr. Oyedepo,

your explanation about the greek emailadress has not been very reliable. As far as I know Rome is the capital of Italy. This is a poor explanation why you use a greek Emailaddress. Also I have requested a proof that the found really exist.

I am looking forward assisting you to get these funds. But please understand that I need some plausible information in advance.

Your sincerely

André Leute-Sachen
General Manager
Gitterblick und Einschließ GmbH



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