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Chinesischer Müll

#1 von Rilla ( gelöscht ) , 16.12.2006 09:36

Seit ich Kontakt zu Wan Tan hatte, habe ich
immer wieder chinesische Mails (in chinesisch !)
in meinem Spam-Postfach:

Diese hier habe ich mal übersetzen lassen:

In Antwort auf:
----- Customs handling skills and crisis response strategies
senior research class ----- hours :
December 2006 1 6-1 7 day / time : Shanghai December 2006 2 3 - 2 4 day / Shenzhen costs -- the Treasury will
======================================= [2 0 0 0 yuan / person (including deliveries.
participation fees and dinner, refreshments ′) [to participate -- as general manager,
financial management, export managers, procurement managers, logistics managers, -- --
executives who reported declaration : 0755-83905959. Fax : 83905969 --
enrolled 0755-83905969 ======================================= class background
====== ====== ====== Cheng King : Enterprise Customs Service management is a matter
of customs, logistics and foreign exchange costs, revenue, operations and internal
documents, operating procedures. Modalities for the accounting profession and a
series of policies and regulations, such as systems engineering. It is not only
related enterprises, logistics and the flow of funds. the flow of information and
internal control systems, costs related to the operation of a business, competitive,
even the survival and development of enterprises. in the ordinary course of business,
import and export enterprises will inevitably encounter the thorny issue. Meanwhile,
the customs issue is complicated and huge, possibly only Chichii不chichiji times
can harm the interests of enterprises, In expedited processing trade, tariff reduction,
and port logistics, WTO, intellectual property, electronic ports, foreign trade, customs planning,
customs valuation, export tax rebates, tax tax cuts, tax-free, the latest customs policies and
customs operation Customs comprehensive risk management and so do you have doubts?
More disturbed that the production will give you a serious impact on the operation
and management decision-making, enterprise risk management Customs Service, is a
multi-layered operation. it is also a complex management problems! How to control
the situation in the new customs and legal risks associated operating costs? Customs
Service as PRD specialized professional training institutions. We have enough real
cases and rich experience, through this training, we will deal with the overall
direction of your Customs Service. Course admission
====== ====== ====== =======================================
interests along the way to save the cost of goods for customs
clearance of import and export enterprises to strengthen the
guidance along the Customs Service management prevent legal
risks along expedite customs procedures for export and import
goods in regulating business operations and efficiency along.
reduce the losses caused by improper operation by the Customs
Service along the savings tariffs and tax penalties arising from
the improper handling of the expected production ☆ prevent the
unnecessary risk of loss along the outside learning to deal with,
- if so, if so, to protect the interests of the company mentioned
if so ======================================= class program :
The first bonded export processing trade business management skills :
1, the processing trade, regulatory reform and the future direction of
2, customs procedure, export processing trade issue
3, conversion processes and the related accounting treatment processing enterprises
4 choice of inputs and raw materials for processing, which generally more favorable trade?
5, Customs bonded manual records management practices and the use of six, the export
products of processing trade with imported materials handling seven issues,
tax relief equipment to deal with various difficult problems skills? (Case series)
8, how old electromechanical equipment imports?
9, the import and export of how
various business interests Express cooperation with the Customs and Excise Department
10, Foreign exchange verification method when dealing with various difficult problems
11 depth processing carryover business skills to deal with issues related to the critical control points and
12 regular price, testing the impact of customs classification or how?
13, how to reduce the number of customs checks? Under what circumstances can lead to the identification of
14 customs, how to avoid inconsistent single goods customs punished?
15, and how to seek higher customs single loss?
16, and how to set up the storage materials and parts warehouse, the books will help to avoid being punished?
17, how to avoid overdue penalties contract? Lost document how?
18, which focus on single trial declarations?
19, how to avoid declarations instead of single, single deleted
20 penalties, how fat, materials processing would not be out of place or customs punished?
21, how to effectively prevent bonded, customs-bonded materials and parts from the series expected punishment?
22, and how the different levels can be completely done away with annoying or Manual
23, how to choose quality freight forwarding and customs clearance of
24 companies, the Department of Enterprise to investigate allegations of anti-dumping second role :
1 business management of imports and exports in general trade, the import and export of general trade customs operational features
2 How general are more favorable to trade in goods customs valuation?
3, 4 quiz general taxation of business, the export of goods to ensure a higher offer rebates?
Third : how to reduce customs costs for the planning and how to make rational tax policy and
customs master plan 2. What tax relief so that enterprises can import duty-free equipment?
3, non-production and production-oriented enterprises to purchase goods exports may benefit from the export tax
4 how the use of temporary duty-free import and export of goods and ATA document List?
5, how to make rejections and maintenance, compensation or replacement of goods duty-free?
6, how to better arrangements in lieu of equipment, borrow equipment, the duty-free import of mold?
7, rent, the price of repairs to offshore processing declare how the tax saving?
8, the export of goods to ensure a higher offer rebates?
9, expendable materials, fuel, aircraft test material, or pieces of material yield savings products, how can the tax-free bonded goods affected?
10, more than expected, bits and pieces, inferior materials, how can the tax saving products?
11 enterprises how to conduct tax-free inside and outside maintenance, testing business?
12, and R & D for imported raw materials and parts, testing, maintenance How can business tax?
13, how to avoid the tax Express cargo category, and the use of foreign exchange losses?
14, tax relief goods or treated before discharge monitoring may have to pay tax?
15, CEPA how to win tax concessions and related ideas? (Case),
16, of the operational skills of the export tax rebate?
17, the feed processing business by purchasing laws into real consumption Act
18 guidelines. bla*bla*Hier habe ich mir erlaubt, den Text abzukürzen !
Meeting closed techniques (case) 6. through offshore trading lower risk
======================================= delegate supervision of the customs post ====== ====== ======
lesson home : Mr zhou, the United States Berkeley University MBA, M.Sc.,
Guangdong Customs Association. Associate Professor of Management College of China Customs,
China's registered accountants, business registration division. PRD senior customs and
taxation issues dealing with a well-known expert, has been a long-term increase in
Tianjin's foreign trade and economic bureau. Customs Nanjing, Ningbo Customs, Shenzhen Customs,
the Guangzhou Customs in management positions, Branch has in the management of processing trade,
the survey, bonded, inspection, regulations, entrepreneurship, etc. work. Customs management of
enterprises had a profound understanding of the problems that exist, and is also the number of
customs declarations consultancy firms and large enterprises. in the preparation of the
"Code of Customs inspectors", "Customs operational guidelines", "" customs duties ".
"import and export customs code," the eight monographs, was invited to a large number of
foreign-funded. Private enterprises go through customs and foreign trade import and
export business guide, and students of popular business community. 18 years in the
foreign trade and customs business experience, he has accumulated rich experience
in the operation and management of customs affairs. Customs internal operations
and a deep understanding of the rules and, particularly in dealing with problems
related to taxation and customs issues original insights and skills Few industry
is able to import and export trade, customs, finance, taxation, foreign exchange,
banking operations fully integrated-art lecturer, Mr. Zhou will be a wealth of
experience and practical operation of customs and taxation wonderful to share
with you the case. ======================================= 192,170 ========================================
---TO----tinaranseier minor) (enrolled after completing Please fax to : "0 7 5 5-8 3 9 0 5 9 6 9" on
the rest of us to do all the things, Thank you! Item : Does accommodation booking service (choose hard "%") :
I was not paid I-person-side-type (hard choices "%") :-1, now-Gold 2, turn-PAC-3. Electro-you
choose the participating locations : Meeting (Please choose hard "%") - Shanghai - Shenzhen #
Senate-be-single-one - who-said : ___________________ Senate-will--: # _________ people
Senate-plus-lesson-way : "customs affairs and crisis handling techniques to be" #
joint-system-Mar : __________-: _______________ Chuan-chen : __________ Post-incident : __________ #
Senate-will-expenses-use ¥ : # participating : _________ __________ million long-term -
The-Works : __________ shift-action-electric-_________ : Post-incident : _________ __________ #
participating are :-term - The-Works : __________ shift-action-electric-Mail : __________
-pieces : _________ __________ # participating are :-term - The-Works : __________
shift-action-electric-Mail : __________-pieces : _________ __________ #
participating are :-term - The-Works : __________ shift-action-electric-Mail :
__________-pieces : __________! Preparation! Note! 1. Please Return acknowledgment
of my nomination, in order to ensure that your application correct,
Please confirm your phone again! 2. The courses can be organized according to the needs of compositions. =============================================================================== 09 : 32:07

In Antwort auf:
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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 09:32:10 +0800
X-Mailer: FoxMail 3.11 Release

Wer sich gerne einen Knoten ins Hirn macht,
kann sich die Mail ganz genau durchlesen und
es denen zurückfaxen.

Angefügte Bilder:
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zuletzt bearbeitet 16.12.2006 09:37 | Top

RE: Chinesischer Müll

#2 von Coroner ( gelöscht ) , 16.12.2006 09:39


ich würde mich totlachen, wenn man dieses Dokument in einem Bait so quasi als Überweisungsbeleg benutzen könnte

Da würden sich die Mugus die Kugel geben

zuletzt bearbeitet 16.12.2006 09:40 | Top


#3 von Rilla ( gelöscht ) , 16.12.2006 09:52

danke für den Tip @Coroner,

da muss ich jetzt aber erst auf die nächste
Mail aus China warten, die obige hab ich nämlich
in den Müll geschmissen.

Ab demnächst haben wir alle ein Konto
bei der An Seng Bank Hongkong die
ihre Überweisungsbelege in chinesisch



#4 von Rilla ( gelöscht ) , 18.12.2006 13:53

der An Seng Bank Hongkong

Angefügte Bilder:
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nochne Bank

#5 von Rilla ( gelöscht ) , 18.12.2006 14:09

Adresse und Tel stammen von der Polizei Chemnitz.
Die Googlemail Adresse muss noch belegt werden.

Bei dieser Bank könnt ihr euren Schotter deponieren.

Aufgrund eingeschränkter Benutzerrechte werden nur die Namen und (falls vorhanden) Vorschau-Grafiken der Dateianhänge angezeigt Jetzt anmelden!

zuletzt bearbeitet 18.12.2006 14:11 | Top

RE: nochne Bank

#6 von Coroner ( gelöscht ) , 18.12.2006 14:36

Klasse Rilla, einfach Klasse obgleich ich manchmal meinen könnte, ich hätte mein Geld bereits auf einer Sandbank deponiert

zuletzt bearbeitet 18.12.2006 14:36 | Top

RE: nochne Bank

#7 von Rilla ( gelöscht ) , 18.12.2006 22:31

Hier sind eure Dokumente.

Viel Spass damit


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