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Scammers Exposed

#1 von Sven Udo , 17.11.2006 06:08

Zitat von Scammers Exposed

Real name: Chinedu Ukonze
Chinedu the Scammer:

Chinedu runs the usual 419 lottery scams.
Very imaginitive, eh! What a twat.
Once again we see someone who has been given and education and
a chance to make something useful of himself,
and all this thieving slimebag can come up with is the usual
old way of trying to cheat people out of their money.
Wouldn't it be nice if he had a fatal accident...?

Chinedu picks nits out of his hair.
(Try washing occasionally, you dickhead!)

Chinedu dressed up and all ready
to go out and steal hubcaps and credit cards

Dieses und noch vieles mehr, findet man auf dieser Steckbrief Seite.

Sven Udo.

Sven Udo
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