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Barrister Dide Albert,

#1 von floh67 , 18.06.2019 19:31

gemeldet über "Anfrage an Scambaiter Deutschland" vom 14.06.19

Name, Vorname:
Dide Albert


+229-62118347 (+22962118347)
Phone number in Benin



Good day

I'm DIDE ALBERT, Private lawyer to Late Mr Marko Henze.a national of
your country and Director of oil company in Benin Republic West
Africa. My client was involved in a car accident with his family, all
occupants of the vehicle Unfortunately lost their lives.Since then I
have made several enquirers to your embassy to locate any of my
clients extended relatives this has proved unsuccessful.

My client had an account valued at about (Ten Million three Hundred
Thousand Dollars) deposited in Bank here.

Kindly send your full name, telephone number, address for confidential
reasons, so that I will send more details to

I await your reply ASAP.


I want your ID as I don´t know if I can believe this story. why do you send from yahoo mail if you are offical laywer
sounds very special. I don´t know marko henze and I am afraid this is scam.
So if I should send you anything please veryfie your identity


My dear TXX HXXX,

I welcomed your quick responds to my mail, this proves you are a
highly qualified business person and the right person to handle this
transaction with me. the full name of my late client is Ing. Marko
Henze ,He lived at no. 055 Aja Lane Cotonou Benin Republic. He
stayed 28 years in Benin Republic working with the (Chevron/Texaco
S.A.R.L.) an Oil and Gas Company as a director for about 10 years

On July 31th, 2014, my client and his entire family died in a Car
Accident which occure along Airport express Road in Cotonou Benin.
Since that incidence, I have made several inquiries through your
embassy and consulate to see if I could trace any member of my clients
extended relative(s) but all to no avail.

After these several unsuccessful attempts and fruitless effort, I
decided to track down his last name to locate any member of his
extended relatives which the most important resource I need is the
last name, hence I contacted you. I have contacted you to assist in
repatriating these large sum of money (funds)at about $10.3 Million
USD (Ten million three hundred thousand United state Dollars), which
was left behind by my late client before his death in 2014. These huge
amounts were particularly lodged with the one of the commercial bank
here in Benin Republic An affiliate of Commercial Bank where the
deceased lodged the money before his demise.

I must give you absolute guarantee that this transaction would be
executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any
breach of law, and I must also assure you that all moralities for the
successful transaction have been set in place, so everything will be
perfectly worked out without hitch. All I required from you now is
your mutual understanding and honest cooperation to enable us seeing
this Deal through.

Before further procedure let me give you guarantee that you will not
face any queries or hindrance now or after the successful conclusion
of this transaction, you can agree with me that I cannot associate
myself in any business / transaction that may bring curse or problems
to my family as a married man and a father of three kids, I am given
you my 100% guarantee that everything will be legal and i will stand
one and one with bank official to provide answer to all question about
the success of this deal, i promise to help in provision of all
necessary legal document for the success of this legal transfer.

I remind you that we have a code of conducts guiding this business
deal, our rules and regulations which stated that 50% will be yours
and 50% will be mine, it shall remain as we agreed, and remember that
this business deal must not be violate or breached by any organisation or authority to avoid Envy, Jealousy and eyebrow. Which means that this business must be a confidential business deal between you and I, I strongly believe that you will not betray me once this money transfers into your bank account.

I want you to realize that we are not harming any body or family, you
may ask why you are to stand as the deceased next of kin instead of a
real relative of the deceased to stand for this claim, the answer to
such question is simply that Late Mr.Marko Henze, had no existing
relative to claim his balance from the bank, since the demise of his
death in the year 2014 all effort to locate his extended relative and
family members where all in vain.

You will agree with me that leaving this fund to disappear just like a
thick wind is senseless when I have all the facilities required to
claim this fund through your help and assistance. I want to present
you as the next of kin to the deceased since you have the same name
(Henze) with him, that's all I need because I have all information
required to make this things happen

Without wasting much time, I will have to explain how we are due to
commence this business. I have draft a specimen text of application,
you can find the application attached, please simply fill your name
address and telephone numbers bellow and send the application to the
Bank via

Immuable Atlantique
Rue du Gouverneur Bayol-Cotonou
Tel: +229-62118347
Manager: Dr. LUCAS IKO

You are sending this application to the Director General Foreign
Remittance Department of the Banque Atlantique Bank (BAB) in the
person of Dr. LUCAS IKO , the Director have already assured me of his
maximum cooperation in this matter to make sure the transfer goes
successful once i get somebody for the claim

Please download the attached application form and send it to the bank
now to signal the commencement of this legal business deal, I'm
getting my self ready to appear in your country for business negotiations and sharing of the fund once this fund comes to your account, always send me a copy of any mail you are sending to bank for reference reason.

Best Regards

"Es ist leichter die Menschen zu täuschen, als sie zu überzeugen, dass sie getäuscht worden sind.'' (Mark Twain)

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