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Zahlung über $10,000.000.00, Frankie Morris,

#1 von Lillykanns , 26.01.2019 16:00

Per eMail-Spam erhalten:

Fr, 25.01.2019 09:32

Sorry to have contacted you through this medium without a previous
notice; I had to use the email because it is the easiest and more
confidential way of making contact with people around the world.

This communication is to inform you that we have programmed your
payment of the $10,000.000.00 USD to be received by you in person you
are further not expected to pay a dime for the receiving of your funds
and anybody who asks you to pay money must be lying to you. We have
worked out all the modality for you to receive your funds without any
further lapses.

The $10,000.000.00 USD funds is currently in our corresponding vault
in Holland now
, and for security purpose we have to moved the
documentation to our corresponding vault in South Africa Johannesburg
where you need to come in person
to sign your transfer legalization
paper work.

We have further arranged to pay your flight cost and hotel reservation
for the trip, so that as soon as your funds are received by you then
you can reimburse me of all the expenses that i made for your trip to
South Africa
where the legalization materials will be sign and giving
to you in person to bring along to the paying Bank in Holland.

You should also note that the mode of sharing ratio is 60% for you and
30% for me while I will take 10% for all expenses.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as I look forward to
helping you receive your funds without any hitches.

If it interest you, kindly acknowledge receipt of this mail and please
furnish me with the below information's.

1.Your real names and address:
2.Your telephone number and fax:
3. Your.age/Occupation:
4: Your international passport or drivers License.

Expect your valued response.


Frankie Morris
Reply me on my private email:

scammer... live every day like it's your last

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