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Hassan und 40 Millionen aus dem Irak

#1 von icewastl , 17.09.2006 13:31

Hassan möchte sein "Geld" in Reue übertragen, da helfen wir gerne bei der Reue...

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From hassananie Mon Sep 11 13:19:04 2006
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Dear Sir/Madam

My Names are Hassan Anie base in bagdad in iraq son to the late major general head of maintainace and purchase in the past saddam regime.I am contacting you for a little assistance you can render to me.I have a business proposal to offer you but i will explain all to you if you respond to me with the below email address i have in my custody $40 million which i inherited from my late father and i promise you wont regret your concern if rendered.

I wait patiently for your urgent response to my personal email


From Hassan Anie


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RE: Hassan und 40 Millionen aus dem Irak

#2 von icewastl , 20.09.2006 22:25

Für 40% von 40 Millionen holt der Troll selbst dem Teufel seine Großmutter aus der Hölle...äh, wie war das mit meiner Großmutter?

Auf Karim Yusuff seine Frage wie er helfen könne, n.a. Mail von unserem "Iraki"

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An: *** [Bearbeiten - Löschen]
Betreff: From Hassan Anie,Awaiting your reply
Datum: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 03:15:17 -0400
Von: Ins Adressbuch
Dear Karim Yusuff

Assahlam to you my brother

Thank you for your quick response to me i am really and truelly greatful for your concern and understand i belive that you are also a honest person to help me finalize this transaction with good faith and trust.

Please,why i need your assistance is that i have about (us$ 40.000.000)fourty million united states Dollars in my custody.I inherited the money from late my father who was a major general in iraqi army in charge of purchase and maintainance in the immediate past regime.

I have been able to move the money out of iraq in 2 trunk boxes to europe to one of the security company affiliated company for safe keeping marked as family valueables because of the war here in iraq and all the contact informations of the security company abroad is all with me and i will forward all of them to you once i get your trust and readiness to help me.

My intention is to invest the money in stock market or real estate in your country with your help who will work with me as my foreign associate, i want to invest most of the money abroad to avoid lossing the money, because it is not wise doing business in the atmosphere of fear here in iraq,that's why i am calling on you.

If you can honestly collaborate with me ,i am ready to pay you up to 40% of the total amount if you can sincerely assist me to actualise this project soon,because the situation here in iraq is very critical,the everyday bomb explotion seems to have no end.Please do endeavour to send me a copy of your identification and all your details and contact informations in your next reply.

I wait patiently for your urgent response then i can send you all the details you need once you assure me of your asistance

Best regards.

From Hassan Anie


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