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Gilgard Orpahange Primary School, Edo state Nigeria.

#1 von Scambaiter , 02.09.2006 05:28


Wieder eine Mail die auf die Tränendrüsen drücken soll .

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Von: "gilgard frank" <> Ins Adressbuch
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Betreff: These orphans Needs your help!!!
Datum: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 01:17:57 +0000

Gilgard Orpahange Primary School, Edo state Nigeria.

Gilgard Primary School serves over 1,000 children in the Soweto Slum of Edo state Nigeria. Students at Gilgard orphanage are children from extreme poverty. Without Gilgardorphanage, most of these children would have not being recieving any education.
We are hereby apealling for individual help in order for us to finance the institution.

These children need your help.
This institution is a Non Governmental organisation (N.G.O), it was set up to help the orphans and the less privelledge children who cannot afford education and other neccessary amenities.
Our main objectives is to make sure that we help the orphans and the less privilledge ones who are in need. Many children are dying here as a result of high poverty and negligence.

Gilgard orphanage Primary school was set up to make a changs in the life of these orphans, and we have been facing difficult chanleges on the running of the institution.

Within the period of 12th may to 6th July 2006, 4 kids died as a result of poor standard of living,specifically (manutrition).

This is why we are appealing to any interested persons, and churches, to help these orphans in any kind, because they need your help. more children have been admited into the institution, children who don't have home and children who have being abandond either by their parents or guardians, so we have approximately 1,245 student now, and we still need to employ more workers into the institution so as to give the kids standard education .

Through your sponsorship, you can help change the lives of these children for whom, education is the only way to a better future. Some children need a little more help than others. While it is our goal for all of the children to be sponsored, the ones with the greatest need are included in the sponsorship programme first. These children may not have enough food to eat at home due to the families financial situation. As a sponsor you will receive an updated photo of these kids and a letter from them .

Obviously, Nigeria is a developing country and is over populated with poor people.
Bellow are some of the Children photos,

Consultant. Gilgard Frank.

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Von: "gilgard frank" <> Ins Adressbuch
Betreff: These orphans Needs your help!!!
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RE: Gilgard Orpahange Primary School, Edo state Nigeria.

#2 von fridolin , 02.09.2006 18:15

Den IPs nach kommt das aus der Ecke von Koffi Nene, John Hobson und Doug Kaku.

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RE: Gilgard Orpahange Primary School, Edo state Nigeria.

#3 von Miss Marple ( gelöscht ) , 12.09.2006 02:56

da hat sich aber ein kleines "Äffchen" eingeschlichen

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