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#1 von Scambaiter , 30.01.2006 04:22

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Frage in die Runde: Könnte diese Webseite echt sein?

From volker Sat Jan 28 22:19:24 2006
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In Antwort auf:
Dear Udo,
I am very sorry to reply you late. I made a travel to another state. I
have been working relentlessly with my lawyer to ensure that success is
achieved. My lawyer re-visited Barbados and was at the bank to submit
applications for stay of action on recall of the funds stating
health reasons as the primary cause for delay in payment of the
required bank charges.

The bank said that a communication is required from you to enable them
establish prove of continiuty (for stay of fund recall action) and also
right of deposit for the $10,500 which were to be made. The bank has
its due diligence law and bank secrecy law which means that
details of the account cannot be given in full to my lawyer as the
money is in your name.

Just contact the bank for the deposit as you were
sick being a reason as at that time.We have expended greatly for this
transaction as this is my only hope for changing my life from mediocrity
to wealth. I am positive about success in the soonest
time frame. I will want you to request for ATM debit card from the bank
which will allow you access to the funds from ATM locations world wide,
and next you provide me with a second ATM debit card, possibly an
anonymous ATM card that will not have name on it. I also need telephone
banking and internet banking support to enable electronic wire transfer to
secret bank accounts. If possible, request the bank to provide you with
international business corporation account (IBC) account in another
offshore jurisdiction which will enable you to maintain funds in corporate
name not in your personal name.

Frankly speaking, just as you had been frustrated because of the long
and stressful and also expensive processing time, many holocaust
beneficiaries felt the same way too. But interestingly, the United Nations
compelled the swiss government to list all the people
whose inheritance claims have been fully paid so as to refute the
claims by the international community that the swiss banks are deliberately
putting bottlenecks to frustrate payments to duly approved holocaust
Please visit the website below to see the list of the claimants who
have been fully paid. I am thankful to God for this as it will further
re-strenghten you to work with me to achieve this targeted great
the website detail is

My interest is to invest in real estate in Bahamas,and North America. I
also want to go into hospitality business in Hawaii and purchase stocks
in London and Asia. Lastly, i will donate to charity to support
huricane victims of Tsunami and USA and drought victims of Ethiopia.

I am looking forward to your urgent reply. You can also reach me via
phone number +41-445-804947 This is my pastors telephone line. Once you
call, never give him all the details, just request him to call me to
come and take your call. All the phones of executives in switzerland are
monitored, hence i have chosen to use the least suspicious phone, being
that of my pastor.

My regards,

MfG - Scambaiter
"Horas non numero nisi serenas"


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RE: Holocaust

#2 von Goofy ( gelöscht ) , 30.01.2006 20:06

IMHO echt.
Man findet beim Googeln einige Verweise auf diese Organisation, ausserdem wäre die Seite für einen Mugu-Fake mit viel zu viel Aufwand behaftet.

Wäre aber nicht das erste Mal, dass die Mugus auf solche Trittbretter aufspringen.
Z.B. benutzen sie beim Skript mit dem Egypt-Airlines-Absturz immer wieder Links auf Seiten von Luftfahrtexperten, wo u.a. der betreffende Absturz dargelegt wird.



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