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#1 von icewastl , 05.08.2006 23:57

Herbert mailte am 18.07 und erhielt Antwort am 03.08. und was ein echter Mugu ist, der reagiert in seiner Gier wie Ihr unter #2 sehen könnt.
Für den Troll eine willkommene Sache, in den anderen baits herrscht z.Zt Flaute, auch Mariam reagiert nicht wie gewünscht vielleicht sollte ich von Troll umsteigen auf Fee oder Meerjungfrau


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From Tue Jul 18 16:32:58 2006
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to make a transfer of 15,000,000.00

I will give 25% of the total amount for your
assistance after the successful transfer of the
amount. You can provide a bank account of your
choice for this amount.Reply for more details.



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Datum: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 00:55:28 +0800 (CST)
Von: "Herbert, M" <> Ins Adressbuch
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Betreff: To von Bergtroll
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How are you today? Hope all is well with you and your family. However with the way, I am planning this transfer, we will have no problem, as I am putting everything down, to ensure a free and fair transfer. The whole legal documents of approvals will be collected, and will be backed up with evey documents, to back the funds up, therefore, you should not worry about this, as I am here to protect everybodies interest.
Therefore, please send to me, the whole informations as requested from you, SEND TO ME YOUR. FULL NAME, YOUR CONTACT ADDRESS, YOUR OCCUPATION AND YOUR PHONE/FAX NUMBER. As soon as I receive this informations, I will be moving further for the funds application from the concerned quaters, as for the collection of the funds approvals.
Finally, please be assured that this transfer is legal and risk free, as we will have no problem, as all i need from you, is to follow my directions, as to a free and safe transfer, as with my position here, we will have no problem.

Mr Mark.

von Bergtroll <***> 說: Hallo Herbert,Edit by Scambaiter = Emailad. entfernt

nun nach dem WM Stress und meinem Urlaub kann ich antworten.Ihr Angebot klingt gut, senden Sie Details

Johann Fst W.von Bergtroll


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RE: Herbert...

#2 von icewastl , 07.08.2006 22:42

Wiederholung des Angebot´s

In Antwort auf:
Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Mark Herbert, I want to transfer
15,000,000.00(GBP) from my country.
You can provide a bank account of your choice for this
amount and also the percentage you wish to take for
your assistance.

If we agree on the terms, you shall hold the balance
of the funds on trust after deducting your percentage,
until we are able to meet in your country for
investment negotiations. Reply for more details.


Mark Herbert


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Malik Aliyasha
Eine Spende von Yukos Oil....oder?

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