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#1 von Mugu-Baiter , 02.08.2006 06:17


In Antwort auf:
Von: "CARS`R`US-TN" <> Ins Adressbuch
Datum: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 04:52:50 -0300
An: ***


A very good day to you.
CARS `R` US-TN sends you this notice with the aim of giving you the opportunity of becoming a proud owner of the
2006 Mercedes-Benz ML500 and ML450 currently being sold by our outlets in some major countries in Europe.As popularly known we stock only the best of vehicles and as a recent move to expand our reach to cover countries outside the continent of Europe we have decided to kick off the second part of the year 2006 by giving you the chance of becoming a proud owner of the 2006 MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS
These are vehicles that have graced and conquered the world of automobiles. Mercedes-Benz has been around since early 18th century and have stood the test of time. Incomparable when it comes to comfort, speed, efficiency, beauty and all the elements that make a Mercedes-Benz more than just a car but a companion.


Mercedes-Benz SUV's have received International awards and accolades thanks to a team of efficient and intelligent engineers that have customer comfort and satisfaction as number one priority on their list. The 2006 Mercedes-Benz M-Class is one of the best SUV's in the world.
Mercedes-Benz took an evolutionary approach with the redesign of its
M-Class luxury sport utility vehicle. Scheduled to go on sale in the United States in spring 2005, the 2006 M-Class is longer and wider than its predecessor, but overall, its design continues in the vein established by the outgoing model.


Standard features on the 2006 M-Class include dual-zone climate control, a CD stereo, heated side mirrors and powered front seats. Standard projector-beam headlights are installed, and adaptive bi-xenon headlights that swivel in the direction of a vehicle turn are optional. Other options include satellite radio, a DVD-based navigation system, a rear-seat entertainment system, an adjustable air suspension, a powered sunroof and lift gate, and an off-road package.


The CARS `R` US-TN team has decided to organize a promotional offer with the M-CLASS 2006 MODEL AS THE FIRST PRIZE with one year free maintanace from any CARS`R`US-TN outlet to show our zeal in giving you only the best and also to promote the use and popularity of our stores and vehicles we sell.
This Promotional draw is open to the entire public regardless of race, sex or location.
NOTE: Participants must be eighteen years (18years) and above

To participate in this promotional offer, answer the following questions correctly. After which you send your answer along with your
1, Name
2, Sex
3, Age
4, Country & Full address
5, Occupation
6, A forwarded copy of this email
to the email address that will be shown towards the end of this
promotional offer.

                                            TEST QUESTIONS

1, Which of these is manufactured by Mercedes Benz ?
(1),X5 (2),SLR MCLAREN (3), Z4

2, Emil Jellinek named a special car made for him after the name of his 10 year old daughter? What was her name?

3, Name two cars that Mercedes-Benz Manufactured.
(1),X5 & E-CLASS (2),Z4 & K-CLASS (3), M-CLASS & C-CLASS
Get all these questions right and you will be the proud owner of a
2006 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML500 and the grand cash prize of 50,000 EUR.

Get two of these questions right and you could be the proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz 2005 model vehicle and 20,000 EUR cash prize.

Get one of these questions right and you still might get
lucky and win one of the below consolation cash prize.


2004 -Benz S-Class
**The cars shown above are also to be won in this promo.

PARTICIPANTS PLEASE NOTE: Winners will be chosen strictly on merit and how quick and efficient the answers are sent to reply-to address calculating from when the mail is received and opened.

Send your answers within 96 hours of opening this mail to the following e-mail address:

Yours Sincerely and Good Luck,

                                               This Promotion is endorsed and licensed by
stocking only the best in automobiles
Material Copyright 2006. All Rights reserved

Mugu-Baiter forever ;-)

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Ein Job für den Troll...

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