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Woman lost 100.000 US$ after investment scam

#1 von Scambaiter , 03.11.2013 01:28

Woman lost 100K [100.000 US$] after investment scam

HOUSTON (FOX 26) - 66 year old Jeannie Baker Lee never thought she'd be sitting telling her story.
Lee says, "I've seen these things on TV before where old people get snookered by some con man or some woman gets married to some jerk who sucks all of her money out of her accounts."
But Lee didn't marry some jerk who drained her dry. The former mortgage underwriter in the real estate industry fell for an investment scheme.

According to court records Ron Lawrence Hamilton claimed he was putting Lee's $110,000 in a new trade platform...A platform that guaranteed she would never lose her money.
"I started to say how is the trade going where is the money what's going on and I got all these stalls and these reasons why not," says Lee.
Finally, after waiting months Lee called in the Harris County Financial crimes unit and they arrested Hamilton.

However, investigators told her Hamilton began spending her money the moment he received it on personal expenses.
Lee says, "Detective Lindsey Williams found a Facebook with Ron Hamilton and the parties looked like Jay Z parties."
In the end Hamilton is facing some serious time behind bars if he's convicted. Meanwhile, Lee says she's lost everything she worked so hard to get including her home.

"I really would like to punish them a little bit but what do you do you would like to get your money back so you can get back to where you were before," says Lee.


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