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Vom Vice President

#1 von jaider ( gelöscht ) , 27.06.2006 09:06

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From: Vice Alhaji Atiku Abubakar <>
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My Pleasure writing to you.

My name is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar,

Vice-President, Federal Republic of Nigeria and number two citizen of
Nigeria. I need a very CREDIBLE, GENUINE AND SINCERE PERSON that I can

trust who will represent me overseas as my Sponsor and Agent.

Nigeria is the largest Country in Africa and the richest, both in Human
and material resources. Nigeria is the 6th largest producers of crude
oil in the world and a member of OPEC[Organization of Petroleum
Exporting Countries.]

Because of the invasion of IRAQ by American and British Military
forces, the price of Petroleum prices skyrocked and Nigeria made alot
of money from excess crude oil. As the Vice-President of Nigeria and
number two citizen, I am directly in charge of the excess crude oil
account which presently has over USD5Billion.

I want to contest for next year general election in Nigeria next year
as President of Nigeria. I want to become President of Nigeria next
year by the Special Grace of God and I know I will win the elections.

Right now, I am prepared to divert USD80Million[Eighty Million
U.S.Dollars] into your Bank for my political campaign next year. I will
divert the USD80Million into your bank account anywhere you provide
bank account from the excess crude oil account. You will ACT as my
Foreign Sponsor paying the bills for me and NOBODY in Nigeria will ever
know that I diverted the money into your personal bank account.


I await favourable response from you.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar,
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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1.1 billion US $
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