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Luisa Pimentel Estrada

#1 von Annie ( gelöscht ) , 26.01.2006 08:24

Hallo und guten Morgen,

Das hier ist vor ein paar Tagen bei mir aufgeschlagen.... Viel Spass damit:

In Antwort auf:

> From: Dr.MrsLuisa Estrada <>
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> Subject: Luisa Pimentel Estrada
> Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 06:59:55 +0100 (CET)
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> I am Dr Luisa Pimentel Estrada, the wife of Joseph Ejercito Estrada, former
> president of Philippines. I have children with my husband Jose, Jacqueline
> and Jude.Two sons and a daugther.This mail may be coming to you as a
> surprise or an article but it is very real.I gave the mail to my daugther
> to send the mail to any contacts she sees and may be a God fearing person
> will listen to our plight.I will want you as the receiver to read through it
> and think very well if you can help or render us any assistance. My husband
> Joseph Ejercito Estrada was elected as the 13th President of the Philippines
> in May 1998 by the people of Philippines, Due to his popularity in the film
> industry made him to win the largest popularity in the history of election
> in Philippines. He has attain the position of Senate in 1987,then
> vice-president in May 1992 and later become the president 1998. My husband
> became mayor of his home town, San Juan in 1969 but it was 1972 that he had
> a string of public successes. My husband was named one of the ten
> Outstanding Young Men in Public Administration. He was also named Most
> Outstanding Mayor and Foremost Nationalist and Most Outstanding Metro Manila
> Mayor.
> My husband is recently accused of illegally acquiring for four Billion Peso
> ($80M) during his 31 months in office as President backed up by an uprising
> of mass Demonstrators and Senate Traitors. They also said that he has
> skimmed off tobacco excise Taxes benefitting from government business deals.
> Most of them benefitted from my husband's generousity when he was in office.
> But they just turned around to be the ones to impeach him. I have tried
> every possible means to get him out of Detention without success. The
> despotic forces in power appear bent in deriding him, rubbishing his
> achievements while freezing all his known Bank accounts.He has been accused
> of economic plunder carrying the maximum penalty of death. To the worst of
> it all, all other wives of my husband especailly Guia Gomez and some of her
> children born outside wedlock are testifying against us.In conjunction with
> the PCGG funded by the recent President Arroyo Macapagal Gloria. These are
> some of the allegations filed before my husband in the impeachment trial;
> 1. Gov. Luis Singson, a longtime friend of my husband, said he provided the
> my husband with more than $8 million in payoffs from illegal gambling and
> $2.7 million from tobacco taxes.
> 2. Witnesses testify one of an account in the Philippines third largest bank
> held millions of dollars in bribes collected by my husband. Equitable PCI
> Bank President George Go resigns. The banks senior vice president, Clarissa
> Ocampo, said she saw my husband sign a false name to documents withdrawing
> $10 million from a secret personal account.
> 3.On Dec 31 Five synchronized bomb attacks kill 22 people and injured more
> than 120 in Manila, days before the trial is to return from holiday recess.
> Police accuse Muslim rebels but many fear the bombs may be linked to the
> trial.
> 4.That my husband received about $8.5 million in pay-offs from illegal
> gambling operators.
> 5.That my husband participated in a real estate business controlled by me
> and my son Jose despite a prohibition on outside business interests while in
> office. My husband is suffering from bronchitis and emphysema right now and
> he detained at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City in
> hospital prison outside Manila where the life of my husband is in danger.I
> will let you know that it is political motivated by Gloria Arroyo.Meanwhile,
> the government has said that it may drop rebellion charges against my
> husband allies Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and the former ambassador to the
> United State Ernesto Maceda because they were in the side of my husband,
> both men were later jailed by the government of Gloria Arroyo that they
> instigated a match on the presidential palace by 50,000 supporters of my
> husband.These are all political.All these are done to have my husband death.
> Presently life has not been easy for my children and I ,my travelling
> documents have been seized by the government and they restricted me and my
> children to have access to my husband. Having seen the way things are going
> with us.His personal attorney who is from United Kingdom decided to let me
> know that my husband deposited the sum of twenty Million dollars $20,000,000
> in my names (Pimentel Luisa Estrada) in a security firm yet to be disclosed
> on confirmation of your understanding. Now I want to start a new life with
> the money.I want to invest the money outside Philippines.
> What I am begging you is to assist me in receiving the money on my
> behalf.You will have to represent me in receiving the money with the
> security company. I have discussed with the security company here in
> Metropolitan Manila about this arrangement,they assured me that the money
> will be released to my representative.
> If you are willing to assist me in receiving the money.You will send me your
> full names,contact Fax and Telephone numbers to enable me forward your
> information to my attorney to obtain some paper works on your name as the
> legitimate beneficiary of the funds. Once you get back to me,we will discuss
> the percentage you will like to take for your kind assistance.I will be
> communicating with you by email because my telephone lines are not safe for
> the transaction because they are bugged into the Philippine
> telecommunication .I would want us to be in partnership in any good business
> you may suggest in your country as soon as the money is released. Please
> understand my plight and handle this transaction with maturity and
> sincerity.
> Best Regards,
> Luisa Pimentel Estrada.

Tschau mit Au

Annie Lingus


RE: Luisa Pimentel Estrada

#2 von Orion , 26.01.2006 11:20

Es ist doch sehr erstaunlich, dass eine Philippinin aus Afrika schreibt
Die IP [] geht nach Nigeria zu: PROVIDER LOCAL REGISTRY

Die "Dame" hat bereits eine dicke Krankenakte: Ansehen
La prueba del pudín consiste en comer.

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RE: Luisa Pimentel Estrada

#3 von Goofy ( gelöscht ) , 29.01.2006 00:39

Halte "Luisa" doch mal so hin, dass Du im Internet Erkundigungen über ihren Gatten eingeholt hättest, etwa hier:

In Antwort auf:

"Der Spiegel" titelte schon im Dezember: "Robin Hood im freien Fall" und bezog sich dabei auch auf Vermutungen des BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst), wonach Estrada auch beim Lösegeld für die Jolo-Geiseln kräftigt mitkassiert habe (Der Spiegel, 50/2000).

Mal sehen, was dem Mugu dazu einfällt.




Johnson Maxwell
Dr.Salim Benadi aus Südafrika

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