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please save my baby...

#1 von Scambaiter , 02.08.2009 16:54

Man, man, Mann... da hätte er aber vorher daran denken sollen.
Und nun sollen wir das ausbügeln. Wer hat Lust dazu?

In Antwort auf:
please save my baby........
Sunday, 2 August, 2009 11:44 PM
From: "kingsley chekwube" <>

Dear friend.

Good day, my name is derek from nigeria ,please have mercy
on me and listen to what i have to say,i made a mistake i shouldnt
have made,but that will not make me to sin again, my girlfriend got
pregnant for me and i cannot deny being responsible for the
pregnancy,i am a poor youngman but she came from a rich family,we both
love each other and i want to give the child the chance to live and
see life, but her father wants the baby to be aborted by all means,the
pregnancy is upto one month plus and her life will be at stake on
aborting the baby, the father never considered all these things
,simply because he wanted her to marry his business partner,he has
ordered his guards to beat me up and yet he is not ready to give up.

sir/madam, please i know i do not know you before but since friends
and family have left me alone to suffer for my mistake,i decided to
ask for help anywhere,i would have gone to look for a job but her
father has sent his boys on a look out for me and god help me if they
find me,my good friend james whom am leaving with at the moment gave
me his internet laptop computer and access, he suggested i seak help
through the internet,he said that that is the best he could do for
me,please i ask for your favour to help me financialy,nomatter how
little ,just to give this child a chance to live again,i have ran away
with chioma my girlfriend,and i intend to stay away till she puts to
bed so that the safety of our baby will be gauranteed,but now,we find
it very difficult to feed properly,not to talk of taking her to
hospital for medical check-ups.

please i realy need your help for i am very broke and confused.
please if you have any financial support for us,let me know, the
child will live with your help,success,favour and blessings will never
depart from you nor your household as your hear the cry of the poor
and come to my rescue, please advice me.

thanks you and remain blessed for your understanding as i await your reply.



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