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Economic & Financial Crime Commission Nigeria

#1 von M.C. Kanada , 11.04.2006 02:12

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Economic & Financial Crime Commission

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Friday, 07 April 2006

Day 3 (April 7, 2006) of the first Anti-Money Laundering Solutions Convention and Seminar organized by the EFCC Training Institute, Karu kicked off with a paper presentation by Mr. Moses O. Ekhator and Mr. Moshood Aiyelagbegan-Yusuf of JKK Nigeria Limited and STB Systems UK. The paper on "Strategic Implementation of Anti-Money Laundering Technology Solutions a JKK Assist programme for Nigeria Financial Institutions" briefly summarized has the following objectives for its JKK Financial Integrity Assist Initiative:
*To Place Nigeria in good standing with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
*Remove Nigeria from the unenviable list of Non Cooperative Countries and Territories (NCCT)
*Assisting Nigerian banks to enforce their compliance system in line with EFCC mandate to tackle Money Laundering
*Help clients benefit from regulatory AML and at the same time reduce cost
*Improve techniques and trends and aid legislation to combat ML activities.
They went on further to explain their STB SYSTEMS which they said is a world leader in financial reporting solutions, delivering automated regulatory, reporting and AML application. The STB SYSTEMS have its core products as STB Reporter, STB Detector and STB Global -view.

Okeowo Segun's AML/KYC Solutions paper had as major objective meeting the core challenges and specificity of the local environment. The solution also has the additional functionality of alerts, management tools, electronic or print collaboration to support regulatory reporting and management.

A. B. Okauru the Acting Director of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) presenting a paper on the "Role of ICT Tools in the Implementation of an AML Regime", examined the journey so far, the evolving image, compliance, contemporary considerations, reporting format and implementation plan of the AML regime.

Dr. Abdullahi Y. Shehu spoke on Training as an Essential Part of Compliance. His paper set the tone for the final interactive section where the banks representatives gave reports on what they have done so far as regards training and their present areas of training needs.

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RE: Economic & Financial Crime Commission Nigeria

#2 von Sven Udo , 03.08.2006 17:35


Neu:................................. Neu: ................................ Neu:

Die Economic & Financial Crime Commission in Nigeria, gibt ein Magazin heraus:

........................... Erste Ausgabe - Bild anklicken

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