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Personal message: USA American president

#1 von Scambaiter , 19.03.2009 03:01

Der US President Barrack Ubama hat eine russische Email Adresse.
Zusammen mit "British law Enforcement"

In Antwort auf:
Personal message:
Wednesday, 18 March, 2009 9:37 PM
From: "British law Enforcement"
To: undisclosed-recipients
Personal message:

To The Attention Of Beneficiary,
The Board of federal law enforcement board UNITED KINGDOM in collaboration with the American president (Barrack Ubama) are hereby to notify you of your payment inheritance funds of (One hundred and twenty thousand pounds) 120,000 pounds after the meeting held on 13th of March 2009 in washington DC. His Excellence (Barrack Ubama) make it clear in the meeting that he will do every possible best to iradicate number of scammers in the world and for more details you can view the Website of madoff the great american scammer that was court.

However you are advice to contact British foreign remittance office UK for the transfer of your fund and also indicate this code when contacting them (BN7412QS)


Attn Mr Fred Anderson
Foreign remittance Department
London Branch

Make sure you indicate the code giving to you and send your full information to them for a faster response.

Beneficiarey name---------------------
Your Address:---------------------------
Home telephone:---------------------
Office telephone:---------------------
Your picture:------------------------------
Identification card--------------
For further procedure Contact our payment officer with the information above.

Note you should stop any conversation you have with any other person or company at the moment because number of fraud are too much and we are doing our best to stop it and don't share this with any other person except you as the beneficiary.

Law enforcement Board

MfG - Scambaiter
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