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Mugu in der Klapse braucht Hilfe

#1 von cilla ( gelöscht ) , 26.02.2009 17:02

Ja aber hallo! Jetzt schreiben die schon aus der Klapse Und ein nettes Bild von "ihr" gabs auch noch

In Antwort auf:
Received: from []
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 19:27:55 -0800 (PST)
From: linda salam <>
Subject: sir am writthing you with pain and sorrow from psychatric hospital !

good day sir

how are you doing sir ??? and how is your entire family
&bussiness ?? hope all is well sir??

if so glory be to his ominipotent God (amen) °°°

sir i am writthing you from psychiatric hospital ! with the office computer
with the help of one

of the staff ;that understand and recognize that nothing is wrong with me !!!

sir i got your email through some engine research !so there is this spirit that
pushes me to write

you !and i belieave you will rescue me from the trouble of my live !

details sir .........

my real name is janee willams ! i am the only daughter of my father

with my little kid sister becky !!

we lost our father 2 years ago ,whilewe lost our mother too just 1 years ago in
a brutal motor accident ! and after we later confirmed ! that this my uncle is
behind all our predicament !

since the death of our father !this our uncle sitted on all our father wealth !

and now that i think am old enough (28) to claim my fathers property ! while
making attempt! my uncle !claim that i have brain problem,

and force me here to this psychiatric hospital !!!

sir i dont know how long am going to be here ! this the reason am contacthing
you from afar to please for the sake of almighty god and humanity sake ! to
come to my aide sir !

before the death of my father he reveal a seret of his kept money 2.5
million earo ! in a safe scurity company in united state!!!

so sir this the reason why am contacthing you !

pls sir to help claim this money to your personal account !

and after you will help me to come to your country and help me to invest
legally in your country !so that i can be free of this my devilish uncle !

i belieave this the only way i can be free of death !

because this my uncle is ready to go to any lenght just to makes sure

he claim all our fathers wealth sir !

please for humanity sake reply to this mail immediately in other for me
to give you the full clue on how to claim this money sir !!

attarch here is my picture !!

sir i waith your respoonce !pls stay bless and bye for now !

Aufgrund eingeschränkter Benutzerrechte werden nur die Namen und (falls vorhanden) Vorschau-Grafiken der Dateianhänge angezeigt Jetzt anmelden!


RE: Mugu in der Klapse braucht Hilfe

#2 von Rattenfänger , 26.02.2009 17:11

...die Mail habe ich auch bekommen von dem lieben Kind. Da ich auch nicht mehr alle Latten am Zaun habe und beim Plüschiater in Behandlung bin habe ich ihr zurückgeschrieben. Gemeinsam kriegen wir das schon hin....oder auch nicht.....

Rattenfänger Geschäftspartner von Usman Bello

Ich habe einen ganz einfachen Geschmack. Ich bin stets mit dem Besten zufrieden.

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RE: Mugu in der Klapse braucht Hilfe

#3 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 26.02.2009 17:26

Habe ich auch bekommen, allerdings ohne Bild.
Und wenn ich die vielen Ausrufezeichen sehe,

In Antwort auf:
that understand and recognize that nothing is wrong with me !!!

dann fällt mir Terry Pratchett ein:

"Mehrfache Ausrufezeichen sind ein sicheres Zeichen für einen kranken Geist".

Die "Dame" braucht also wirklich Hilfe, wer wäre besser geeignet als Doc Bobo Meineid, Facharzt für Pseudologie und Durchfallkrankheiten (also genau den geistigen Dünnpfiff, den die Mugus so von sich geben)?

In Antwort auf:
Dear Mrs. Williams,

thanks for your mail, that's a real thrilling story, I am amazed.
It looks like you're really in trouble and you need some help.
But do not fret any longer, you have found the right man for your needs.
I am a doctor, a specialist for pseudologia diseases and indigestion and I guess I can help you.
Please give me a quick reply.

Dr. Bobo Meineid, M.D.
Arkham Asylum

Das Arkham Asylum ist übrigens das Irrenhaus aus "Batman".


RE: Mugu in der Klapse braucht Hilfe

#4 von alter Schwede , 26.02.2009 17:28

Sie hat jedenfalls eine suesse kleine schwarze ... äääh ... Zwangsjacke an !

alter Schwede

alter Schwede
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Registriert am: 23.01.2009

RE: Mugu in der Klapse braucht Hilfe

#5 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 27.02.2009 16:22

Genauso strubbelig wie die erste Mail ist auch die zweite.

In Antwort auf:
thank you for your responce sir !
may the good lord continue protecthing and guilding you and your entire family sir !!
the reason why i decide to contact you from afar sir is my whole entire family are
supporthing this my uncle because he is spending my father's money labbishly on them to corver his trash sir !!
and my father do tell me when he is alive == that sometime i should trust an outsider more than my blood !
because being born together doesn't prove that we are ment to be together !
that "" one can have his or her own family from anywhere in the world !
we should only be praying to his most high to lead us to the right part of life sir!!
you ask me what can you do for me sir ??
i am pleading to you with the most high God and for humanity sake to pls help me in claimeing my fathers kept money in a bank in united state ! to your pocess !and to help me
come to your country helping me investhing legally :::
because i belieave this is the only way i can be free fràm death and follow my destiny sir !
sir pleading you with the name of the most high and humanity pls help me !
i belieave and trust in you spiritually!
there's this special feeling that makeing me belieave and have faith in you sir pls!
kindly introduce yourself to me pls!
your name?
phone number? (ist das hier Quiztaxi, oder was?)
pls sir i will immediately give you all the clue on how to get this money to your pocession sir
and how you can free me from here after all transaction has been made !
by you claimeing my fathers friend and bussiness parthner to whom so ever it may concern sir !
pls i will be allow to use this office computer tonight sir !if possible we can see on webcam sir ! (Webcam in der Gummizelle? Im Arkham Asylum gibt es so etwas nicht.)
pls act fast sir !because am afraid of my health here !
you knew how it is being locked up with mad people !
and the doctors trying to inject me as well pls for humanity sake come to my rescue sir pls!
thanks and stay bless !!:

zuletzt bearbeitet 27.02.2009 16:22 | Top

RE: Mugu in der Klapse braucht Hilfe

#6 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 28.02.2009 10:34

Besonders wichtig erscheint es, den Mugu in eine Klinik zu verlegen, in dem ihm auch wirklich geholfen werden kann.

In Antwort auf:
Dear Mrs. Williams,

with great interest I have read your letter.
It looks like the conditions in your hospital are unacceptable. As medical superintendent of the Arkham Asylum I only can condemn this in the strongest possible terms.
But maybe I can help you to get out of there and we can relocate you from your hospital to the Arkham Asylum. We have really nice padded cells and friendly care workers.

Can you give me the address of the hospital and the name and mail address of the attending doctor?
I'm going to contact him as fast as I can.

Doctor Bobo Meineid, M.D.
Arkham Asylum

Edit: Die Mail-Adresse existiert nicht mehr, eben kam die Mail zurück. Schade, wird Mugulein wohl in der Klapse bleiben müssen.

zuletzt bearbeitet 28.02.2009 10:40 | Top


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