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Mal was neues

#1 von alter Schwede , 24.02.2009 17:28

Hi there!

My friend John gave me your email address so I can send you something very interesting I already tried. Do you know that the Government is recently giving away excellent money grants, that you can take advantage of immediately? You can use grant money for a wide variety of reasons when you need it most, and only pay back the money you received. This is why many people like me have realized that the Government can be our friend. It has already helped hundreds of Americans. And it can help you too. I have tried it and really enjoyed it - now I am financial free and even started my own business.

However, I am not sending this email about the Rapid Grants Solutions Kit to everyone. I am only sending it to friends and to my friends' friends. You can see for yourself if you qualify for this kit and start applying right now. Send them an email to and they will answer you almost immediately with further information on how to participate in the program. And guess what? If you qualify, you can get your FREE TRIAL Kit INSTANTLY!

I wish you all the best!


alter Schwede

alter Schwede
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RE: Mal was neues :

#2 von cilla ( gelöscht ) , 24.02.2009 17:47

Ich denke das ist wohl eher spam....diese komischen Kits gibts auf mehreren Websites, zB.



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