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ich frag mich ja

#1 von mausmunzel , 12.02.2009 13:19

wie die sogar an Firmen-email-Adressen kommen.
Leider weis ich nicht wie man sich im Outlook evtl. IP usw mit anzeigen lassen kann

From: Rebecca Markson []
Sent: Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2009 13:06

Hello dear,

With a great wish in my heart i write you this few words.

I always have a vision and wish to be a blessing to the poor, but could not meet up my expectations due to my health.

Am having a great pain in me due to my ill health of cancer as I write you this mail from my sick bed in the hospital, for i will be going for my surgrey operation soon which the doctor has told me i may not make it

After the death of my husband, i tried to fulfill this vision we had together but it did not work out well as i wished because i have tried several times giving out money to people, family members and organization
for the well being of the poor here and in other countries but i found out they never used it for the poor as i planned, rather they end up using it for their own personal use,which is totally wrong.

Based on this, i had great pains in my heart and health.

I don't know if you can be trusted on this issue as i have been praying over this issue for the past one month, to entrust this huge amount of money or funds in your hands for the welfare of the poor and other rightful charity homes which you know, that this funds will be of care and help to.

If you in any way take offense over my mail, you can ignore it and please accept my due apology.

If not please indicate your interest to my mail, so that i can instruct my bank to effect transfer of the funds to you, to enable you start this project on my behalf.

Am putting my trust in you and hope you won't let me down so that when I die my soul will rest in peace.

Rejoice always, as i look forward to hear from you soonest.
Yours faithfully,


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RE: ich frag mich ja

#2 von mausmunzel , 12.02.2009 14:54

ahaaaaaaaaa -- London?


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RE: ich frag mich ja

#3 von Dana , 12.02.2009 15:06

Nö, Accra.

IP address [?]: ©[Whois] [Reverse IP]
IP address country: Ghana
IP address state: Greater Accra
IP address city: Accra
IP address latitude: 5.550000
IP address longitude: -0.216700
ISP of this IP [?]: Ghana Telecom
Organization: Ghana Telecom
Host of this IP: [?]:

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