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Ja, ja...die Russen 32Mio´s!!!

#1 von cilla , 16.12.2008 23:02

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I'm Egor Fillipenko (MR), and an investor in one of the bigest oil Company here in MOSCOW. I have a very brief important and private offer for you and i know it will profit us at the end of the day. I am just asking for your partnership to re-profile some offshore investment funds worth over US$32,000,000.00(Thirty Two Million Dollars).This is due to the major problem between the Russia government and (YUKOS OIL). I am constrained however to withhold most of the details for now.
This is a legitimate and risk free transaction, if you agreed on the terms you will be offer 30% for "re-profiling and subsequent management of the funds" . If you are interested, please write back to this email:

Egor Fillipenko Mr.

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