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STMicroelectronics []

#1 von kurt_adam ( gelöscht ) , 06.10.2008 20:31

Ich habe heute diese Mail gekriegt. Da ich hier neu bin weiß ich nicht ob ich hier richtig poste. Ich kann leider keine Englisch.
Ich habe versucht bei Google zu übersetzen,aber ich habe trotzdem nicht verstanden.

In Antwort auf:
Dear Friend,

This email is from the desk of Mr CARLO BOZOTTI,President and Chief Executive Officer of STMicroelectronics,who has it worldwide headquater in GENEVA SWITZERLAND.

STMicroelectronics was created in 1987 by the merger of SGS Microelettronica of Italy and Thomson Semiconducteurs of France with the aim of becoming a world leader in the sub-micron era.Since its formation, ST has grown faster than the semiconductor industry as a whole and it has been one of the world`s Top Ten semiconductor suppliers since 1999. ST offers one of the world`s broadest product ranges, with over 3,000 main types of products. The carefully balanced portfolio includes both application-specific products containing a large proprietary IP content and multi-segment products that range from discrete devices to high-performance microcontrollers.

Due to the balancement between the industry`s five major high-growth
sectors: Communications, Consumer, Computer, Automotive and Industria, we have reached big sales volume in the european market and now are trying to penetrate the Northern American market. Quite soon we will open representative offices and authorized sales centers in North America and therefore we are urrently looking for people who will assist us in establishing a new distribution network there. The fact that despite the Nothern America market is new for us we already have regular clients also speaks for itself.

This idea of REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES AND DISTRIBUTION CENTRES is making us to contact you today to know if you would be able to perform the duties below


1 Supervising all activities that would be carried out in the OFFICE
2 Receiving payments on behalf of the company for goods sold and from our customers in time past, in any payment method they feel is comfortable with them as at the time of their contact with you or vice versa.

Be informed that you do not need to have any form of eductaion because we will be having an ORIENTATION EXERCISE for all of our staff.
If you deem capable of performing these duties,we will want you to send us your resume as soon as possible,or the following information

1 Your Full Name
2 Contact Address
3 Telephone Number.Endeavour to include your MOBILE number.
4 Present Occupation And Position Held

Note that you would be placed on a monthly salary of $3,000USD monthly and a commission of 5% for any payment you receive on behalf of the company.
Thank you so very much for having the patient and time to read this email.We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr C.Ferro

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RE: STMicroelectronics []

#2 von Coroner ( gelöscht ) , 07.10.2008 18:38

Hallo Kurt_Adam,

im Mitgliederbereich gibt es ein Unterforum das heisst: "Neue Mitglieder stellen sich vor".

Bitte gehe doch dorthin und schreibe etwas über dich, z.B. wie und warum du auf unsere Seite gefunden hast, ob du in einen Betrugsversuch verwickelt warst/bist und ähnliches. Dann können wir dir auch viel besser weiterhelfen.

Zu deinem momentanen Post: Da bittet dich eine schnell expandierende Firma für Microelectronics mit Hauptsitz in Genf/Schweiz für sie ein Inkassobüro zu betreiben, also im Namen der Firma Gelder aus angeblichen Rechnungen zu kassieren und dann an diese Fa. weiterzuleiten.

Sowas nennt man schlicht und ergreifend "Geldwäsche"





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