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Compensation African Fraud Victims

#1 von Sven Udo , 25.04.2008 02:05

Falls hier ein Opfer ist, der afrikanischen Betrüger, kann er sich hier melden

In Antwort auf:
Datum: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 15:01:46 +0100 (BST)
Von: "O A U"
Betreff: Compensation African Fraud Victims

Dear Sir

This is from the Organization Of African Union (AU),.Sir,due to the petitions received by AU chairman President John Kufour from all over the continent in regards to the fraudulent activities going on in the Africa sub-region.The Presidents of the countries in West Africa in collaborations with Organization Of African Union(AU) and the international bodies have donated the sum of (NINE BILLION DOLLARS) to the ECOWAS COMMUNITY as an aid to compensating victims of West African fraud scandal between 1989 to present date.

The Bodies have without prejudice authorized The Barclay's Bank, London in Uk., to identify, arrange for your compensation made payable to you in CASH / CERTIFIED DRAFT / WIRE TRANSFER at your request after the approval of your information valid.Payment center have been zoned in USA,EUROPE AND MIDDLE EAST.

All data have been retrieved through the help of MICROSOFT CORPORATION MANAGEMENT which your name has been included as a victim of SCAM/FRAUDLENT situation, we are happy to notify you that your own compensation is only US$750,000.00 (Seven Hundred and Fifty thousand US Dollars only). This amount is absolutely Tax free.

Do send to us immediately via email the below information’s :
1) Your full name.
2) Phone, fax and mobile #.
3)Residential address
4) Company name, Office position and Company address.
5) Profession, Age and marital status.
6) Working I'd / Int'l passport.

You are therefore requested to forward this information to the Barclays Bank, London UK quoting this Reference Number: ASKJ/598/14/HJ-09. This will help Identify your file easily as this reference number is already with Barclays Bank, London.

ALL FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE SHOULD BE FORWARDED through the particulars of the undersigned.

Mr.Doust John Michel
Accountant Barclay's BankLondon
Tel: +44-7024-0222-88

Therefore I strongly recommend that you promptlyand humbly respond to this notification letter immediately.

you and have a great day.
For: AOU Welfare Union
Regional Office

Direct Line:+233 272648666

Sven Udo


Sven Udo
Forum Guru
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RE: Compensation African Fraud Victims

#2 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 26.04.2008 20:59

Ich stehe schon in Verhandlungen mit denen. 750.000,- sind eindeutig zu wenig!



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