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The Russian Groom

#1 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 01.04.2008 21:29

Hallo zusammen,

ich wollte mich mal vorstellen und meine ersten beiden Baits präsentieren, habe mich erst gestern hier angemeldet.
Anscheinend bin ich so etwas wie der Traum aller russischen Schwiegermütter, und da habe ich mir gedacht, kann doch ganz lustig werden.

Bernd-Klaus Ackermann (BKA) gibt es natürlich nicht.
Ok, geht los.

Auf einer Dating-Seite schneite eines schönen Tages folgendes in das Postfach von Bernd-Klaus Ackermann:

In Antwort auf:
Hello dear
Ich habe dein Profil angeschaut und er hat mir sehr gefallen. Ich will dich erfahren wie es besser möglich ist. Ich hoffe mich, dass du dich für mich auch interessieren wirst!
Mich rufen Ekaterina. Ich das Mädchen aus der gewöhnlichen Russischen Stadt Novocheboksarsk. Mir 27 Jahre. Ich war hinter dem Mann niemals und habe ich die Kinder nicht. Ich will den Mann finden, heiraten. Bei mir die gewöhnlichen Träume, wie auch bei allen Leuten. Ich will die Familie haben, wo immer gemütlich sein wird. Wenn ich die Familie auch schaffen will schreibe mir. Wenn du mir ich schreiben wirst werde ich über mich mehr erzählen und ich werde seines Foto senden. Wenn du die englische Sprache weißt, bitte schreibe mir auf der englischen Sprache! Gut?
My e-mail:
Die freundlichen Grüße!
Bernd-Klaus fragt sich natürlich, warum die russische Zaubermaus noch niemals hinter dem Mann war. Der schwarze Mann? Der Weihnachtsmann? Der Grinch?
Aber ihr Profil ist bereits gelöscht (könnte das daran liegen, dass er sie beim Admin verpetzt hat? Nein, sicher nicht...).
Aber zum Glück hat er ihre Mail-Adresse notiert, so dass er ihr trotzdem schreiben kann.
Also erstmal Süßholz raspeln...
In Antwort auf:
Von: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
An: Ekaterina
28. März 2008 22:50

Hello Ekaterina,

first: thanks for your nice mail.
I hope that everything is fine in Novocheboksarsk ? I've never heard
of this city before, where is it?

I've noticed that you have deleted your account, fortunately I have
saved your mail adress prior, so I can write this mail.
Would you like to send me a photo of you? That will be great, thank you!

Schon am nächsten Tag flattert eine Antwort in Bernds Mailbox. Zwei Bilder schickt sie auch gleich mit.
Aber halt: die Mail kommt Bernd irgendwie bekannt vor.
Möglicherweise liegt das daran, dass er hier

und hier

schon ähnliches gelesen hat? Außerdem heißt die Angebetete dort Marina respektive Olga und sieht ganz anders aus?!
Naja, was Frauen so alles mit Schminke und etwas Haarfärbemittel hinbekommen.
Und Marina und Olga sind wahrscheinlich ihre anderen Vornamen. Denn die Absender-IP-Adresse ist auch dieselbe.
In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
An: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
29. März 2008 15:03

Hello from Russia Bernd-Klaus,
I am very glad to your letter. How are you?
I am glad, that you have answered my letter. I am really very glad to
your letter.
I shall try to tell as much as possible about myself. I the girl who
searches for the love. Unfortunately I could not find the happiness
here in Russia. Therefore I have decided to search for second half
through the Internet. And what you search Bernd-Klaus? Simply for me really
it is very important to know the answer to this question!
To me 27 years, mine put a birth on September, 13th. I never was for
the husband and I have no children! I work as the manager, in a small
lady's wear shop. I have very good education, me brought up as the
serious girl, I very highly moral person. I was born 1980, in city
Novocheboksarsk. Now I also live here. It is beautiful and big city.
This city young, it has been based more recently, but now to be under
construction many beautiful buildings. It is usual Russian city, it is
in republic Chuvashiya. I really very much like the city, it is very
beautiful. As I here was born and I live, it became really very dear
to me. We is frequent with friends we walk on city, we like to walk on
park. And how your city looks? I very much love Russian kitchen. I
very much like to prepare, me learned it since the earliest childhood.
What hobby at you Bernd-Klaus? I never smoke. I drink spirits only on
holidays and so I never take alcohol. I very strongly like to eat
sweet when I was small I very much liked to eat sweets. But also now I
eat them too, but now I should watch a figure =)!
I very optimistical person. All difficulties of a life I transfer easy
and courageously. What not its life it would be necessary to live and
enjoy, its each minute.
I hate avidity, lie, hypocrisy! I hate when people say lies to me, I
do not wish to communicate with these people and never I wish them to
see, because I so am brought up.
Ask me as much as possible questions. I shall be glad to answer them.
Unfortunately I have no many photo in a computer, therefore please
therefore do not take offence, if I shall seldom send you a photo!


Angefügte Bilder:
Aufgrund eingeschränkter Benutzerrechte werden nur die Namen und (falls vorhanden) Vorschau-Grafiken der Dateianhänge angezeigt Jetzt anmelden!
2.jpg   3.jpg  

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RE: The Russian Groom

#2 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 01.04.2008 21:32

Nochmal Süßholz raspeln. Ist zwar alles gelogen, aber egal.

In Antwort auf:
Von: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
An: Ekaterina
29. März 2008 16:14

Hello Ekaterina,

thanks for your quick response.
And let me say: you are a really pretty young woman, I'm very impressed. :-)

Some words about me: I live in Berlin, the capitol of Germany. It's a
big city with more than 3.4 Million inhabitants.
I'm the owner of a small company (chemical research), so I have to
work 80 hours a week most of the time. There is not much spare time
for hobbies or to find a woman and found a familiy. I don't smoke and
I don't drink.
A few years ago I have bought a house in the countryside, where I
spent my weekends. There a hills, creeks and forrests, I like the
nature. Do you like the nature too? In the summer I drive around with
my mountainbike, the only compensation to the hard work.
When I'm back in Berlin next monday, I will send you some photos of
me. I'm glad if you send me some more photos too.

That's it for now, can't wait for your response.

Zuckerschnute hat wieder geantwortet. Wieder nur Blabla, aus Textbausteinen oder per Script zusammengefrickelt.
Diesmal von der IP, offenbar einem russischen ISP.
In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
An: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
30. März 2008 17:51

Hello Bernd-Klaus,
I am glad to receive your new letter. How are you Bernd-Klaus? I with
greater interest have read through your letter. I want that wrote
about myself much because to me it is valid interestingly. Do not
hesitate to set to me as much as possible questions, I shall be very
happy to answer them. I wish to create good relations, but main my
purpose it to create family! You search for love or something another?
You go in for sports Bernd-Klaus? Really it is very interesting to Me to
know. I in the childhood was engaged in track and field athletics, and
very much I like to support myself in the good form.
Now I wish to tell about the country a little! Russia is the big
country, therefore a climate here various. Where I live, the climate
is moderated. In the summer here approximately +20 - +30 degrees. And
in the winter from 0 up to-30 degrees. At us very much greater flora
and fauna. I adoring to grow up flowers. This my hobby in the summer.
Bernd-Klaus you have pets?
I also like to listen to music! I usually listen to music every day,
only the choice of music depends on my mood. Basically it is the
Russian music, but I also listen to foreign executors. And you listen
to what music? I also very much like to listen to classical music. I
think, that there is no bad music!? I adore to dance, but on discos I
go very seldom. And you like to dance?
It is very interesting to me to learn the answer to one question. In
people what you appreciate qualities?
And with what purpose you correspond with me? I do not wish to play
with feelings of people, and I also want that I too was not only game
because I the serious girl and am not going to play with your
feelings. Please tell to me at once that you wish to have from our
Whether also for me it is very important to know you wish to have
It is very interesting to me to hear answers to all my questions. If
you will not answer them, I do not see sense in our correspondence!
Ekaterina from Russia.
Bernd antwortet höflich, hängt ein Foto von sich und seinem Vater, seinem Wolpertinger und allem, was so an Immobilien vorhanden ist, dran.
Aber er scheint etwas verwirrt, denn anscheinend verwechselt er children, chicken und cheese. Die Hormone halt...ob Kati-Maus es merken wird?
In Antwort auf:
Von: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
An: Ekaterina
30. März 2008 19:16

Hello Ekaterina,

I was very pleased to read your nice letter.
Yes, I have a pet. It's a wolpertinger and his name is Mr.
Bigglesworth. I have attached an image of Biggie for you. He's really cute, isn't he?
There is also a picture of me in front of my new Ferrari (I love
sports cars). The older guy on the photo is my father (say "hello" to daddy! :-) ).
There are pictures of my cottage and my company too.
I like music, but I cannot dance, or just like a russian dancing bear,
shot in the leg by Elmar Fudd. Do you know Elmar Fudd? I love this guy.
Yes, I want to have many children. Maybe fifteen. Or twenty. I don't
know exactly. I like children, especially with Ketchup and extra cheese.
Do you have any brothers or sisters? Marina? Olga? The only russian
names that I know. :-)

Enough for now, it's time to make more money.


Angefügte Bilder:
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bernd.jpg   firma.jpg   landhaus.jpg   wolpertinger.jpg  

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RE: The Russian Groom

#3 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 01.04.2008 21:33

Kati ist merkbefreit. Möglicherweise liest aber auch niemand die Mails des verliebten Katers.
Dafür gibt es ein neues Bild.
Wieder viel Blabla. Aber halt: Kati reist gerne, war aber noch nie im Ausland. Wird sie Bernd besuchen kommen?
Wir sind gespannt...

In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
An: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
31. März 2008 20:32

Hello Bernd-Klaus,
I am very happy to receive Bernd-Klaus your letter. How are you? What at you
today mood? What at you in city weather?
At me all is very good. At me today good mood.
I shall be glad to you to tell as I spend the holiday. Bernd-Klaus I shall
be glad the nobility too as you spend the holiday. Tell to me as much
as possible as you spend the holiday. To me in what countries you too
are very interesting to know was? I know, that we should support each
other in complex situations! Because, feelings should grow on mutual
aid and understanding. You agree with me Bernd-Klaus?
I very much like to travel at home, but across Russia I very seldom
travel approximately 1 time to 2 years. Once I travelled on well-known
to " the Gold Ring " Russia. It is a world famous tourist route. This
route includes some ancient Russian cities which are known for the
historical monuments. In these cities many ancient churches. After
this trip I have tested weight of positive emotions, I had a big charge of emotions.
I never was in other country is my dream to go to any other country!
But I do not miss an opportunity to go to campaigns. I very much like
to go to a campaign with the friends. We very interestingly spend time.
My darling we also often go on great Russian river Volga to have a
rest, it is the river also proceeds about our city. And you Bernd-Klaus
like to go to campaigns?
In the winter we with the girlfriend go to an ice palace and we skate.
In general I very much love sports. I very active person, at leisure I
cannot sit at home, I always try is in movement.
I wish, that you have written as you spend the days off because it is
very interesting to me to learn about you. Try to set to me as much as
possible questions, I shall try to answer them.

Angefügte Bilder:
Aufgrund eingeschränkter Benutzerrechte werden nur die Namen und (falls vorhanden) Vorschau-Grafiken der Dateianhänge angezeigt Jetzt anmelden!

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RE: The Russian Groom

#4 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 01.04.2008 21:35

Bernd ist verliebt, deshalb sendet er ein Liebesgedicht.
Und er fragt sich, ob Katis Hupen auf dem letzten Bild wohl echt sind und fordert deshalb weitere Details an.

In Antwort auf:
Von: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
An: Ekaterina
31. März 2008 21:22

Hello my dear,

is the "Gold Ring" the ring through the nose of the russian dancing
bear? Or what?

"Volga" reminds me of "Vogon".
Have you ever heard about the famous poet Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz?
Here is one of his poems:

"Oh freddled gruntbuggly,
Thy micturations are to me
As plurdled gabbleblotchits
On a lurgid bee.
Groop, I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes
And hooptiously drangle me
With crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon,
See if I don't!"

Show me more of your boobs, please.

Ist doch egal, was man schreibt.


Wieder Post von Schlampen-Kati. Anscheinend haben Bernds Gedichte sie beeindruckt.
Jetzt wird es aber wirklich Zeit, dass Kati zu Besuch kommt. Schon fragt sie nach seiner Adresse.
Kein Bild diesmal.
In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
An: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
1. April 2008 17:11

Hello Bernd-Klaus!
I am very glad to your answer my friend. I'm fine, problems at me what
are not present. Mood excellent I too wish, that at you was not what
problems and there was a good mood.
I wish to tell about the parents a little. Unfortunately I have lost
the parents when was small. It was for me huge impact but as I was
small did not understand all gravity. Just now I really understand,
how I do not have not enough parents. I so love them! First at me mum
when to me there were 3 years has died, but I well remember it,
because children's impressions the strongest. I remember as we
together went with it to walk, to us was very cheerful! My daddy has
got in accident with the best friend and both of them have died in
hospital, to me then was 7 years. Then me have taken on education the
uncle with the aunt. And I began to live with them.
My aunt is the most good person on light for me. It is for me mum! The
aunt always to me supports a difficult minute, always prompts, that it
is necessary to do. To my aunt now 58 years. It works on the teacher
at school and lives with the uncle. My uncle works as the engineer at
a factory. I am grateful to the aunt for everything, that it has made
for me and I shall care of it all life where I would not be. Because
it is now very dear to me, it for me all!
I already thought, that dialogue through the Internet, it is
completely not similar to real dialogue. And it prevents to understand
each other more strongly. What do you think of it Bernd-Klaus? Your
letters do my mood high. To me it becomes joyful on a shower. I wish
to ask you to write to me your address. Well, you are able to do it?
At me is good the girlfriend. My best the girlfriend call Natalya. It
is to me the most good girlfriend. To it of 28 years and we with it
are friends from school.
I think, that it is time to me to finish on it the letter. I shall be
with huge impatience I shall wait for your answer. Really it is very
interesting to me to have dialogue with you, I learn a lot of
I wait for your answer my friend.
Your friend Ekaterina!
Moment mal! Nach dem ganzen Kram hat Bernd doch gar nicht gefragt?!
Hatte Kati nicht geschrieben, dass sie ihm jede Frage beantworten wird?
Obwohl....die Sache mit der Freundin interessiert ihn dann doch.
Bernd hakt nach.
In Antwort auf:
Von: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
An: Ekaterina
1. April 2008 18:42


I don't ask you, if you are fine or not. I don't ask you about your parents, your aunt or your girlfriend (Girlfriend? Are you lesbian? Hey, maybe we can shot a movie, eh?).
I have asked about your boobs! Where are they?
C'mon baby, show me your tits!


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RE: The Russian Groom

#5 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 01.04.2008 21:37

Die Bilder scheinen übrigens von einer Fotostrecke zu stammen, sind durchnummeriert. Bisher habe ich 2,3 und 11.
Vermutlich von einer (Porno-) Webseite geklaut.
Mal sehen wie es weitergeht...


RE: The Russian Groom

#6 von Scambaiter , 01.04.2008 21:55

@Cuchulainn, willkommen bei uns!

Schöner einstieg, diese Geschichte.
Ich verschiebe es mal eine "Etage" nach unten, zu 2.1.2.Offtopic Baits

Übrigens, kann der Wolpertinger jüngen ? Ich wäre unter Umständen an einem Kleinen interessiert...

Zu guter letzt, dass Foto Nr. 3 kommt mir aber sehr bekannt vor.
Ich dachte das ist im Regierungsviertel in Berlin.
Du hast doch nicht etwa der guten Angela das Bundeskanzleramt abgekauft ?

MfG - Scambaiter
> Horas non numero nisi serenas <

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Registriert am: 01.01.2006

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RE: The Russian Groom

#7 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 01.04.2008 22:00


Verschieben ist ok, ich wusste nicht genau, ob es hier reingehört.
Der Wolpertinger ist in letzter Zeit so komisch, der frisst gar nicht mehr. Weiß auch nicht, was er hat. Vielleicht muss ich mal zu Tierarzt mit ihm...

Solange Angie noch drin sitzt, würde ich das nie, nie, nie (!) kaufen. Die versaut ja total den Wiederverkaufswert.


RE: The Russian Groom

#8 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 02.04.2008 22:45

Erneut Post vom Wonnemäuschen.
Enttäuschenderweise kein Wort über das gewünschte Thema.
Dafür ein neues Bild.

In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
An: Bernd-Klaus Ackermann
2. April 2008 22:04

Hello my dear Bernd-Klaus,
I am very glad to your answer my dear.
How are you? What mood at you? I hope, that at you all is good.
I think, that we with you become revelation and we start to trust each
other my dear. Because the trust is the base in construction of
attitudes! I am right? I hate greedy people because because of them on
light there is all angrily! I think, that at you is exact also.
I think, that I can trust completely to you Bernd-Klaus.
I can discuss with you various themes. I can Speak with you Bernd-Klaus
about various problems. I receive many pleasures from dialogue with
friends and interesting people. Communicating with the interesting
person you learn much.
I adoring to sit in target with girl-friends at home, to talk about a
life. I also often go with them to walk. I like to create houses a
house cosiness, house well-being! In fact on it so depends much. What
mood in the house as are located to you in the house. Besides I the
woman, should create all this the woman, in fact it mum and the wife.
You agree?
I love calmness. At this time I listen to music, silent, slow music
which brings many calmnesses and the consent. I very much love
flowers, especially red roses.
I very much wanted, that you as are possible for me have described the
house is better. You know, that I when I receive your letters my heart
begin to be pleased. I know, that your letters are very beautiful.
They are full of love, care and caress to me.
I try to think of you as much as possible. I think, that you think of
me too. Because I think between people the most important trust and
mutual understanding.
I am very happy and I shall wait for your letter Bernd-Klaus!
Bernd ist elektrisiert, da er jetzt schon geküsst wird.
Außerdem stellt er sich Kati und ihre "Freundinnen" vor, wie sie sich gegenseitig mit Öl einreiben.
Und da war noch irgendwas mit Fesselspielen im Wohnzimmer, was ihm so durch den Kopf geht...
Derart hormonell inkorrekt eingepegelt, schickt er seinem Hoppelhäschen aus Versehen die AGB von Neckermann.
In Antwort auf:
Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
2. April 2008 22:40

Kauf auf Probe
Sofern Sie nichts anderes erklären, wird der Kaufvertrag spätestens
mit Ablauf von 14 Tagen nach Erhalt der Ware wirksam. Die Bestellung
kann nur in deutscher Sprache erfolgen.


Angefügte Bilder:
Aufgrund eingeschränkter Benutzerrechte werden nur die Namen und (falls vorhanden) Vorschau-Grafiken der Dateianhänge angezeigt Jetzt anmelden!

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RE: The Russian Groom

#9 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 03.04.2008 19:51

Wieder Post vom Plappermäulchen.
Kati scheint schon ganz hysterisch zu sein und sich darauf zu freuen, mit Bernds Kreditkarte bei Neckermann einzukaufen.

In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
3. April 2008 17:04

Hello Darling Bernd-Klaus!
I am glad to your letter my dear. I start to think much of us my dear.
I simply go mad, when I see your letter and I read it Bernd-Klaus! My dear
I shall try to write to you every day, but I ask that you too wrote to
me every day because very important for me, I when do not see your
letter I I start to experience! Dialogue is an advance in our
attitudes with you.
I know, that that at us you good mutual understanding. It seems to me,
that feelings cannot be deceived, it is necessary to speak as is. And
never it is necessary to hide the feelings. You agree with me Bernd-Klaus?
The love is in general high feeling which is given only to people. I
think, that the love will develop only in the event that people each
other understand without words. Feelings can grow very quickly to each
other, and can very slowly. I think, that it not is fated to us the
nobility, and it is known only by the God! But we in forces to change
in their small degree. You will agree with me?
I shall be glad, if you will leave to me the phone number that I could
call to you and talk to you. Unfortunately I have no phone, therefore
I cannot give you.
I wish to have the happy family, favourite the person near to myself.
I want, that when I rose I felt care of me and constant support. Here
to what I aspire in this life. And you to what aspire in the life
To me 27 years, it is that age in which it is necessary to think of
the future. I want, that a number with me was the person to whom I can
trust everyone to it to a word, to gesture, a sight, a smile. In the
world now so it is a lot of meanness and a deceit that it is necessary
to concern to people whom to surround you very closely.
I have a favourite aunt whom I very much love and respect. Owing to it
I became such. I consider, that it me it is very good ??c??????.
I have told to the aunt, that you the most good person and that I
completely trust you. It speaks me, that I should not be mistaken. It
speaks, that we should develop further with you the feelings. It to
love me. And it simply for me became mum. I think, that you understand
me. It wishes us happiness and greater love.
I very much respect with it and always I make its decision. I think,
that I should finish the letter. I with pleasure shall wait for your
Yours Ekaterina!
Bernd dagegen verfällt so langsam in tiefe Depressionen und entwickelt einen atavistischen Bärenkomplex.
In Antwort auf:
Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
3. April 2008 19:36

In grünen dichten Wäldern woh'n ich,
bin ein Braunbär und schleck' Honig.
Doch mein Brieffreund lebt am Eismeer
und ist ein lieber kleiner Eisbär.
Er hat mich oft schon eingeladen
zum Fischen, Spielen und zum Jagen.
Doch ist's mir da viel zu sibirisch,
schon wenn ich dran denke, uuuh, da frier ich!

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RE: The Russian Groom

#10 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 05.04.2008 14:43

Wieder beglückt die Tatarenmaus Bernd mit unerträglichem Geschwätz in infernalischem Englisch.
Allerdings macht sie sich auch wieder nackig. Naja, fast...

In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
Anhang 4. April 2008 17:44

Hello my darling Bernd-Klaus!
I thank you all my heart for your goodhearted letter. If I examine
your letters I feel, the angel concerns my heart. You are an angel! I
think, that each person requires love because without it people cannot
live. The love and fidelity are feelings which force to move forward
I am very sensitive, goodhearted and good-natured girl. I am happy,
that I could find you Bernd-Klaus. If I read your letters and especially
your last again the hope allows me sense to live in this World.
Internal the impression is more important, than external values. I
also always am very impatient pending your letters. I think, that you
are for me an angel who has gone down from heavens. I - very simple
person. I wish to have small family, with which I can play children
and you too, for this purpose my heart and my soul lives.
I search for the man which will divide with me love. The man with
which I shall have happy family. You very kind and very kind the man.
You are similar to the person of my dream!!! I consider myself as very
romantic woman. I think, that I can be your woman in the future. You
thought of it? I can discuss with you different themes of a life
Bernd-Klaus. I can speak with you about the problems. I very much would
like that all people on the ground were happy. I receive many
pleasures from our correspondence. I spend a lot of time in the house.
I love an internal cosiness, I love calmness.
I very much love flowers, especially red roses. But nobody gives me
them already during long time. I dream, that in the near future I
shall have the the beloved. With it I shall go on streets with red
roses which it will present me in this holiday. I shall bear them in
hands because they will be very beautiful. And I shall be proud of
this gift because I will be presented these flowers by the beloved. I
shall kiss the the man very often and long because it will require my
I shall wait your letter with impatience!
Your Love Ekaterina!
Bernd dagegen ist kurz davor sich dem Alkohol hinzugeben und stimmt bereits Sauflieder an.
Aufgrund seines Zustandes schickt er ihr dieselbe Mail fünf Mal. Shit happens.
In Antwort auf:
Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
4. April 2008 22:38

I gave my love a goodnight kiss
I tried to take a late night piss
But the toiled moved so again I missed
Down rain street...

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RE: The Russian Groom

#11 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 07.04.2008 18:25

Bernd kommt so langsam dahinter, warum Kati - trotz prächtiger Hupen - noch Single ist:
vemutlich hat sie alle ihre Lover mit ihrem geistlosen Geschwätz tot gelabert.

In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
6. April 2008 23:21

Hello baby Bernd-Klaus, I do not know how to express all the feelings to you.
Because, I cannot live without you. I ask the god that you have
understood my feelings!
When I think, that we shall be with you together, me as-as if me an
easy contact the angel touches hearts.
Yesterday I thought of our attitudes and concerning our feelings. I
wish to tell the feelings which I test to you.
In a life, we receive a remarkable opportunity to love each other.
Love this maximum feeling which is given to people. We love we love
people, how they have concerned your life. The love - very powerful
word also can describe set of feeling, but its main context bears the
same value. I wish to tell to you, that the love which I have for you
Bernd-Klaus, is immortal. It is love which strong and steady and will pass
the test time. I want, that you became a part of my life, and I cannot
wait that day when we with you shall be together and anybody any more
in forces will separate us.
I wish to be with you Bernd-Klaus beside every night and to fall asleep in
your gentle embraces! I wish to divide all our pleasures and griefs. I
wish to be only yours in this world. Bernd-Klaus - you for me all! You -
everything, that I do. My feelings grow to you every day, and it not
mere words. You that person with whom I wish to divide all the ideas,
hopes and dreams. I think of you my heart to become hot. You - for me
a source of inspiration. I shall be always obliged to you, you have
brought huge changes during my life. I promise you to present the
heart and all love.
I can hardly hardly I hasten, but I always was sincere and never
deceived you. I shall be very happy if you will love me. I can hope
for it?
I was never so is happy. I have absolutely changed, my girlfriends and
friends speak about it. This all because of you Bernd-Klaus. I as though
fly in heavens.
Sweet kisssssssss

P.S. Please write to me greater letters because I wish to have more information on you!

Kati möchte "greater letters"....sollte sie am Ende doch etwas bemerkt haben? Vielleicht ein klein wenig?
Nein, das ist eher auszuschließen.
Aber Bernd hat sich jetzt einen Ghostwriter zugelegt. Sinnbefreite ellenlange Mails kann man auch mit einem Love Letter-Generator verschicken. Wenn das nicht "great" ist!
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Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
6. April 2008 23:35

My dearest Kati,

Upon this canvas I shall spill my soul's inner-most desires for you,
and upon my chest I carve your name with the dagger of carnal desire,
so the world may knoweth that only you lie within my heart.

Only heaven would outcast an alluring work of Gods perfection like
you, for not even divine angels could look upon your delicate face
without sacrificing themselves for you. Something about you makes me
want to take you in my arms and keep you forever.

Did I ever tell you, that your beautiful blonde hair reminds me of
sunflowers. Does your hair produce sunflower seeds by any chance?
Because we could make a lot of money selling it off as hamster and
parrot food. God, we could be soooo rich!

I really do love our bonding sessions on the couch. I think its so
wonderful when me and you sit there and just talk about anything, and
even watch a DVD together. Although I must admit I really do find it
funny when you tell me one of your boring dirty jokes and I pretend
its funny and giggle.

Words alone cannot express how unique my love is for you. I love you,
and you only, I swear that to you my love ....having said that I do
love my MP3 player which I love listening to when you are not around.
Come to think of it I listen to it when you are around too, but thats
besides the point. My point is that I love you and my love for you is
unique (isn't it weird how the word 'unique' and 'eunuch' sound the
same? The word Unix also sounds similar, but 'Chimpanzee' doesn't)

I have to tell you one thing though. I really do love your eyes. I
think that is the most amazing part of you, and is the most amazing
thing on this planet! God, I wish I could do nothing but stare at your
beautiful eyes all day (besides eating, drinking and sleeping of
course). That would be pure heaven for me!

My love, you know what would look hot and vibrant on that beautiful
body of yours? Pink underwear! Oh God, if I saw you wearing those I
would simply explode into a heap of sparks with joy! (By the way that
was a figure of speech, cos I wouldn't ACTUALLY spontaneously combust,
otherwise I wouldn't be able to appreciate your lovely body in Pink

You always remain in my thoughts, helping me keep alive with visions
of your sweet lips to help fire up my aching heart!

Forever and eternally yours and yours only,

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RE: The Russian Groom

#12 von Sven Udo , 07.04.2008 18:36

Wozu so ein Love-Letter-Generator gut ist!
Genau für diese Art von Script-Girls, die Sinn-und-Merkbefreit sind, bis zum abwinken!

Schön gemacht Bernd aka Cuchulainn aka BKA !

Weiter so, obwohl ein mit agierender Mugu oder russ. Braut, viel lustiger wäre!

Sven Udo


Sven Udo
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RE: The Russian Groom

#13 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 07.04.2008 18:54

Spätestens wenn er/sie/es Kohle will, muss sich ja was bewegen.
Ich bin da ganz zuversichtlich.


RE: The Russian Groom

#14 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 07.04.2008 19:15

Erneut ein schnulziger Liebesroman. Kati wünscht sich, Bernd zu sehen. Wird ja auch langsam Zeit,
dass sie in die Hufe kommt.
Dazu gibt es noch "die Unschuld vom Lande" als JPG.

In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
7. April 2008 18:51

Hello my dear Prince Bernd-Klaus!
I am very glad to your letter. I am very happy to have from you
letters. I understand, that I cannot live without your beautiful
letters. Your letters are for me air in this World! When I have from
you the letter my mood always to become better.
I all time try to think of us and about you how the love is stronger
than other feelings. Our love is strong also it can destroy nothing.
Unfortunately we are the distant friend from the friend, but borders
of our love are not present. I very much wish to see you Bernd-Klaus and
your fine eyes. I know, that we shall enjoy the friend the friend all
time which we shall be together. I very much wish to walk with you on
night city and to enjoy our sights. I wish to kiss gently your lips! I
love you my sweet!
You became my ideal my star of charming happiness. And I am glad that
it you have taken a place in my big and hot female heart. Love mine, I
cannot be without you for me, it begins torture more. I wish to be
close to you, wish to feel your gentle contacts and kisses. I wish to
receive from you Bernd-Klaus letters filled by caress and love.
I shall light light of hope in the house that in it always was warmly
and well. And every morning at the lonely window I shall meet a dawn
and to ask a wind that it has brought to you my kiss and gentle breath
of infinite love. Feel now as you are embraced with a cool wind, and
you feel a touch of my soft and sweet lips. Hot whisper which will
force you to forget about all and will present sweet madness of
passion, which as if the deep sea, will overflow you only. Also does
not remain a scrap of dark and sad minutes of a life. My darling you
the only thing, that at me is on this white light, therefore I ask to
not reject me and to not play with me. I in a life test the first
time, such feelings, for the sake of you I am ready on everything, I
shall eternally yours and only yours for ever.
I shall wait for your letter! I love you Bernd-Klaus!
Yours Ekaterina.
Prince Charming aka Bernd kontert mit einem langen Pass aus der eigenen Hälfte in die Spitze und umgeht so die Abseitsfalle.
Der Love-Letter-Generator war heute auf "Fiery and Passionate!" eingestellt.
In Antwort auf:
Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
7. April 2008 19:10

My dearest Kati,

A fire inside me burns with fiery passion to unleash what I am about
to say to you! And only the sweet nectar from your lips may vanquish
this fiery inferno.

Such charm and radiant beauty as yours could calm the wildest beast
and entice the devil himself into giving his soul for you, just so he
could look upon your face.

What person in their sane mind could resist your amazing
multi-coloured eyes which remind me of that play with that kid called
Joseph who had a multi-coloured coat and had lots of Brothers. Your
eyes dazzle me like that kid's coat did, only your eyes are a lot
better looking then a coat.

Oh darling I really want to let you know that I adore your sexy bald
head! I think its really cute and sometimes I feel like breathing on
your chrome-dome and shining it with my sleeve. I've even felt like
drawing a face on it on a few occasions and once I got very close to
drawing a picture of a squirrel on it with a black marker. God, you
make me so proud, you lovely little Kojak head!

I really love our time together when we go to the local cafe, for a
cup of something wonderful and some great stimulating conversation.
Its really funny how you always humiliate yourself by purchasing the
most bitter thing on the menu and then trying to impress me by
pretending you are cultured and you drink it all the time. Its so cute
watching your face scrunch up like a cute little tortoise!

Words alone cannot express how unique my love is for you. I love you,
and you only, I swear that to you my love ....OK, perhaps I got a
little too excited cos I also love my car which I've just recently
done up! It now makes more noise then a jet engine, is more blockier
then an old Mario game, and has such low skirting that the whole thing
will break apart if I drive over a bottle top, but we're not talking
about that right now! (Besides the fact that I just mentioned it now,
but that part was allowed because the context was a little bit

I really must tell you though, I absolutely adore your gorgeous bum! I
think if God created something truly amazing, then its definitely
gotta be your bum! I know some people say the same thing about horses
and giraffes, but I think your bum exceeds anything else!

My love, you know what would look hot and vibrant on that beautiful
body of yours? Leapord Skin underwear! Oh God, if I saw you wearing
those I would simply explode into a heap of sparks with joy! (By the
way that was a figure of speech, cos I wouldn't ACTUALLY spontaneously
combust, otherwise I wouldn't be able to appreciate your lovely body
in Leapord Skin underwear).

I will forever be thinking about you, and I love you with every beat
from my aching, burning heart which will wither away and die without
your sweet nectar-like words!

I live only to please your fiery carnal desires,


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RE: The Russian Groom

#15 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 08.04.2008 18:44

Jetzt springt Kati völlig aus dem Gleis.
"When I shall see you Bernd-Klaus at the airport with a greater bouquet of
colors." - hä? Ob die wohl auf einem LSD-Trip ist und deshalb Farben sieht?
"You trust me" - na klar, genauso viel wie dem Hütchenspieler an der Ecke, denkt sich Bernd.

(Auf dem Bild ist diesmal ein Link,, anscheinend eine Hosting-Seite für Bilder, vermutlich sind die da geklaut.)

In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
8. April 2008 13:42

Hi my lovely Bernd-Klaus!
My love I is very glad to read your letter. My love I each time am
pleased, when I read your open letters filled to love to me. My
darling I simply burn with the desire with you because I wish to feel
all your heat which you will give me! I wish to see your eyes, your
gentle sight. And I understand, that more nothing will be necessary
for me in this life. I know, that my life without you will be empty,
because you for me all that are Bernd-Klaus!
My aunt always speaks me, that I should be fair with people. I always
inform my aunt on our attitudes. It is very glad for us. It thanks the
god, that I could find the happiness in a life. Because for my aunt
now the most important is my destiny and my future. It I shall not be
glad one, that I could find you. And probably in the future we
together can create strong family. I wish to divide with you the
happiness. I wish to know, whether I can make you happy in a life? I
ask you that you have answered this question fairly. Also have
enclosed in the the answer all soul, all love to me. And all the
feelings which you now test to me.
My darling when I shall meet you, I feel, that I shall simply go mad.
When I shall see you Bernd-Klaus at the airport with a greater bouquet of
colors. My darling to me already 27 years, this that time when it is
necessary to think of the future, that is about family and about
children. I know, that I can construct with you fine family and grow
up remarkable children. Children this our future! You agree with me?
I simply am not told is glad, that I could find through the Internet.
I did not think at all, that I can find the love, that is you. But I
thank the god, that I could find you! My love I wish to be with you
all life. I wish to rise with you and to see a dawn, to lay down with
you together and to see a sunset. You for me all in this life, I very
much am afraid of you to lose!
I love you and I shall wait your letter with impatience!
I shall make all that you with me were very happy. You trust me?
Your Love Ekaterina!

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RE: The Russian Groom

#16 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 08.04.2008 19:06

Bernd hat inzwischen eine Seite gefunden, auf der man fertige Liebesbriefe bekommt.
Das erspart eine Menge Arbeit, sogar das Geklicke beim Love Letter Generator.
Außerdem ist er schon ganz hibbelig, wann wird Kati endlich einfliegen?

In Antwort auf:
Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
8. April 2008 19:02

My loved Kati,

I'm pretty sure you are fine again because I'm always praying for you.
I can't really believe that even in my wildest dream that things like
these seem to happen to us. I never realized before that in just one
click of the mouse, it can really change my life. And I never expected
to fall so deeply in love so fast with you. What's your magic, Honey?

How pleased I am to be part of your life. I'll always be in love with
you ... ONLY to you, Honey.

I know we can't get together right now; we are just too far apart and
I perfectly understand that. But somehow, I still have faith (BIG
faith) that in due time, this will all come to an end and we will be
together ... forever (as what I'm always asking from God). Being far
from you is not that easy, Honey. It sometimes drives me crazy and
makes me want to be with you at this very instant. Though we're apart
now, believe me, I can assure you that it doesn't change the way I
feel about you. You're such a blessing for me. Thank you for
everything ... for loving me; I mean it, Honey.

And one more thing ... I really appreciate you. You are too smart to
fall in love with me, but I guess I am much smarter than you are to
make myself fall in love with you so deeply.

Love always,


RE: The Russian Groom

#17 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 13.04.2008 11:28

Und es geht weiter.

(Irgendwann bekommt Bernd sicher einen Blutsturz und Schnappatmung...)

In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
9. April 2008 15:53

Hello my Love Bernd-Klaus!
My love I is very glad to your letter. My love I very much wish to be
with you. My darling every day we become with you all more close and
more close to realization of the dream my love. Ours with you dream to
be together! My love we with you together wish to be together.
When we with you shall be together to our happiness nobody my darling
will be able to prevent. My honey you are in my heart for ever and I
never can forget you my love. My love you are sense of all my life my
sweet. My love between us huge distance, but it at all does not stir
ours with you of strong love. My darling you agrees with me? My love I
consider that ours with you the future is predetermined also we with
you we know, that we shall together very soon.
I very much wish to see you in alive. I wish to feel your fiery sight,
to feel your easy breath. I wish to feel your gentle sight. I wish to
meet you with you as soon as possible my love.
I wish to be with you all the life. I dream to walk with you with you
for a hand on night city, to drink with you red wine under good music
and to enjoy the friend the friend my darling.
And I am assured, that you such unique the man in the world. So I have
very strongly grown fond of you, and I shall always value you. I shall
value our attitudes, I shall do all that our attitudes were better. My
girlfriends are glad, that I have found happiness with you my dear
Bernd-Klaus! And I am very grateful to the god, that I can consider you as
the the beloved.
My darling I wish to understand you without words Bernd-Klaus. My darling I
very strongly wish from you to hear gentle, romantic words.
My prince when to me I am bad simply I start to think of us with you,
about our beautiful meetings at the airport me to become on a shower
easier and more joyfully.
I love you and I shall wait yours with impatience.
Your love forever Ekaterina.
Bernd lernt Spanisch....
In Antwort auf:
Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
9. April 2008 18:55

My dear Kati!

I've never felt a hurt like this where it feels as though someone had
stuck a knife through my heart. I can barely breathe knowing that I
can't hold you, hug you, and kiss you. The fact that you are not
within a distance to me that I can easily reach, hurts. I've missed
you so badly the moment you were out of my sight. I choked on tears
and could not manage to breathe. I do not know how I am going to live
without you here to hold and to hold me.

I love you so much that neither words nor actions could express my
feelings for you. I could spend the rest of my life describing how
much I love you and it still would not come close to the way I really
feel. I could die for you and it still could not possibly show my love
and feelings for you in proportion to which I feel them.

Since after Christmas I had this sensation at the back of my mind and
at the very pit of my stomach where it stayed so well hidden that I
could not even acknowledge it. As Easter drew near, I could finally
recognize the heavy feeling of dread. This feeling became more heavily
embedded after Easter and as time went on, closer to my departure
date, the sensation increasingly became more intense. Now my worst
fears, my fears of losing you, have become a reality. And it hurts, it
hurts like hell. I feel sick, I tremble, I cannot breathe, and tears
constantly blur my vision. I do not know how to handle this pain -
this knife in the heart feeling of loss. Without you I feel alone and
cold. I feel so small and helpless. You cave my life, you made my
whole and without you, I am nothing. The fears that I now have is that
I will forget the little things, though I pray I never will. I am
afraid that I will forget the way you feel, the way you taste, and
your smell. The little things that I love so much, I am afraid that I
will forget them. And I do not want to, I so do not want to.

Now I know why we are here. I know why we live. It's because once you
find someone you love and care for so dearly, where you would give up
anything and everything for them, you found purpose in your life that
makes it worth living. You are my purpose and I do not know what to do
without you. How a few hours could change a life! I continue to cry,
and I will continue for a long time, and when my eyes cease to produce
more tears, my heart will continue to cry for you every day, forever,
because I will think of you every day, every hour, every second within
a minute. I do not think I would prevent that if I wanted to. I cannot
stop my heart from crying crimson tears of blood. And it does bleed.
It bleeds because of the pain I feel from losing you. I know that I
will never really lose you because you will always be in my heart, but
that does not stop me from missing you. And feeling desperate with the
need to hug and kiss you and be in your arms. That is where I wish I
could stay forever, in your arms. My heart beats for you now and
forever. Before, when I was with you, it beat happily, hopefully, but
now it beats longingly. Longing to have you with me, and that longing
cannot be easily or quickly smothered, and I do not want to smother
it. You will always have a permanent place in my heart. I will never
forget you, How could I? I need you more than anything. You are my
life support.

Although I hate what has been done to us, being torn apart from one
another, I will always be happy for the time I had you with me. I will
treasure each moment in my heart and be thankful for the little,
precious time we had together. I love you so much, so very much and I
always will. Please do not forget that. It is important to me that you
never forget that.

One image of us that I have found immense comfort in when I recall it
is us on your bed. I am holding you, our bodies so close to each other
that you could feel the beating of our hearts. You with one arm
beneath my head and your other hand playing with my hair. Our legs are
intertwined and you are telling me one of your stories. I miss you so
much. And I know that it is only going to get worse with time, not
better. I do not know if my heart will ever heal. It has been
shattered too badly. God, I love you. I miss you so much. My life was
lonely and cold. When I meet you, you caused the loneliness to vanish
and melted the cold with your warmth and love. I can never repay the
feeling you gave me with your love or the happiness you bring me, but
I can, and will, love you with all my heart forever.

These words have not been written down in any particular order so it
might be hard for you to understand what I am trying to say, but know
this at least… without you, I feel hollow and unfinished. You complete
me. I need you. I love you more than anything … more than myself.

Te quiero mas que a nada,

Te quiero mucho, mucho, mucho,

Love always,
Kati mit Paris-Hilton-Sonnenbrille.
In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
11. April 2008 14:04

Hello my love Bernd-Klaus!

Today at me very good day. I have received your letter and have read through it with pleasure.
It was very pleasant to me to read your new letter. Tell to me, how you Bernd-Klaus?
Now I shall write to You dreams and desires about our future joint love.
I count, that it will be interesting to you. I want that you knew it.......
I want that You have met me with a bouquet of red roses.
Has embraced me, has kissed and has pressed to itself.
Has pressed with such force that nobody could separate us from each other.
In your eyes I wish to see passionate love to me....
We with You shall go to walk all the day on city, and we shall be only together.
And nobody to us will stir, time we shall spend all this with love.
In the evening we shall go to park, and we shall lead there the whole night.
We shall be only together, only you mine dear Bernd-Klaus and I.
When I think of it at me at once cheers up.
I think, that I have knowingly lived all life.
I lived this life only for you my lovely and favourite!
These are remarkable minutes!
I wish to have seconds, minutes, hours of passion and love to you.
You understand about what I speak you, you want it in the near future?

I wish to feed You only good with meal. I wish to care of you.
I very urgently wish to meet you my favourite!
I wish to check up our feelings to each other in real conditions.
What do you think of our meeting? You want that I was near to you in your life?
You want our meeting in the near future at you in city?
I wish to check up our attitudes. But I am assured, that in the future at us all will be good.
Because I never in a life so strongly did not love anybody.
But now I have found you, and now my soul is overflown by love.
I dream in the near future to see you.
You wish to execute my dreams and desires?
I hope, that my dreams coincide with yours.
I dream to execute all the and your dreams in the near future!!!!
If you have any dreams also, I wish them to learn!
So write to me them in the letter.
I shall wait for it with impatience.

With huge and pure love Ekaterina!
Ein neuer Liebesbrief aus der Wundertüte.
In Antwort auf:
Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
11. April 2008 15:55

My love Kati,

I am writing you this letter to tell you how much you mean to me, and
to thank you for coming into my life. You are something I never
thought could exist for me. You are one of the best things that has
happened in my life, and I don't regret being with you.

I have been through many relationships, but didn't really take them
seriously. I was used and played by a guy who I really loved. So I
decided to play guys the same way that guy once played me. I wasn't
born a bitch, it's just a guy made me this way. Since then I have not
taken chances with a guy. But you happened, you came into my life and
stole my heart from the day I saw you.

At first I was confused, didn't really know what I wanted, I didn't
know if I would want to take a chance again and actually take you
seriously. So, I decided to come close to you as a friend and find out
who you truly were and what you were like. You seemed cool, nice and
funny some things I really liked in a guy. So I took a chance and got
with you.

In the beginning, things didn't seem that well, I actually had my
doubts about you. I wasn't sure you were actually taking me seriously.
But, it was too late to look back; I had already fallen for you since
the day I met you and I wasn't really looking forward to giving up too
soon. I tried so hard to have you, I wasn't going to let you go so

Well, time has passed and I have discovered new things and a new me.
You have truly changed me. Still, in a way, I'm scared 'cause I am
actually growing a true feeling inside my heart which I just cant
explain, but I know it's there waiting for you to come and uncover it.
I truly don't know what your feelings are but I don't want to force
you in telling me what you don't feel towards me. I would want to
receive love and trust from you when you truly mean it. All I ask from
you is to show me you care and not hide anything, to also have trust
in me the way I do in you.

Love always,
Endlich kommt die Olle zu Potte. Sie will morgen fragen, was das Visum kostet.
Tja, nur wo fragt sie am Sonntag?
Und was bedeutet "You agree road", bitte schön? Ist wohl eine Nebenstraße vom "Verarsch-Mich-Boulevard".
In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
12. April 2008 17:00

Hello my Love Bernd-Klaus,
I was very glad to receive your answer. Bernd-Klaus, I love you and I wish
to be with you, I wish to carry out this dream, to fill our life with
love and passion. I drank a drink of love and now I cannot live
without it. I cannot live without your love, you have presented me
love, have given sense of my life and I am very grateful to you. I do
not represent as I lived earlier without you as I could live so much
time without your tender feelings to me. I cannot present, that with
me would be if I would not find you.......... My life was senseless
while in it there was no you!
My heart was hammered with new force, it seems to me that I have begun
a life with a new leaf. I wish to begin with you a new life, I wish to
forget all to mountain that was with me in your embraces. When I read
letters, I forget about all and at this time my soul is transferred to
you and feels all your love....... As the life when near to you there
is a favourite person, the person which is fine can support you, come
to the aid a difficult minute. Bernd-Klaus, you that person and I wish to
be with you.
I am am thrown by those in heat in a cold from one idea, that I cannot
inhale aroma of your hair yet, touch your leather, concern lips with
lips. I represent, as we with you sit having embraced at warm years
night at an edge of inflow, gentle waves caressed our legs, and the
wind blew in our naked bodies. The ocean of our feelings storms in me
and now when I write to you this letter. I love you sincerely and
gently, warmly and passionately. Whether you feel too to me? I am
assured and I shall live one hope and dream to embrace you, my love.
My sweet I it is really very glad, that you wish to meet me. I shall
be very glad to arrive to you my love. Then tomorrow I shall go how
many will learn to cost the visa to you in the country!
Well? You
agree road? Because, I really wish to meet you.
As it is empty and it is lonely without you Bernd-Klaus! My heart is
broken off from burning. You are necessary to me. There, where you -
there happiness and a life. After dialogue with you it would be
desirable to grow fond of all world and to do to people kindly. The
more deeply I learn you, the more strongly to me was wished to shout,
shout for fear, to shout with happiness, to shout and call to the aid
from a magnificent condition in which plunging, I cannot see myself,
hear myself, but only unconsciously to understand that to me very
well, and that I test that is impossible to describe words is it is
possible to feel only. All this, I have named love. If the person
though time drank an elixir of love to not get rid any more of it, it
remains in blood. And that I do all, I shall do, all reminds me of the
first drop of love which has got in my blood together with you
I love you and I wish to be with you every second the life. I think
only of you and I shall wait your sweet letter.
Your Bride and Princess Ekaterina

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RE: The Russian Groom

#18 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 13.04.2008 11:45

Bernd vermisst Kati gar fürchterlich.

In Antwort auf:
Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
13. April 2008 11:40

My Kati,

it's the middle of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. I
want you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours we
spend talking. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known
you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There
will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I love you
and only you ... and that love will only grow stronger. Sometimes life
hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All
I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your
capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me.
I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go.

Love always,


RE: The Russian Groom

#19 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 14.04.2008 15:51

Jetzt ist die Katze aus dem Sack, 350,- Euronen will Katinka haben, natürlich per WU, wer hätte das gedacht?
Für 350,- Euro kann man halb Russland kaufen. Alles Schlampen außer Mutti....

In Antwort auf:
Von: Ekaterina
14. April 2008 15:21

Hello my love Bernd-Klaus!
Thanks for your letter, I am very glad when I see from you the letter.
My love Bernd-Klaus, I very much wish to arrive to you and to have our
love together. I require your help to pay the passport for travel
abroad and my visa. I need pay 350 euros this week you can to send me?
I have prepared all necessary documents to go to travel agency.
I speak you as easier to send money, you should make to help me:
You should know my full name and my data to send me of money. My full
data that you could send me of money through Western Union:

Name: Ekaterina
Surname: Sokolova
The country: Russia
city: Novocheboksarsk
adress: Communistic 62, an apartment 49.
zip code: 429950

As I should know your full name and your full data that I could
receive this money and the most important your confidential code which
give you in bank. As you send me you should inform at once to me all
this information as I receive this money I at once I go to travel
agency to pay my trip to you. My love Bernd-Klaus, here all that is
necessary to us, that I could arrive to you.
I never met the man more sincere and sensual than you. I wish to be
with you, to touch your body, to feel tenderness of your lips and heat
of your breath. I think, that your kisses would dement me. I wish to
bring to you only pleasure and to caress you. Each part of my body
will belong only to you to one. To me there is a strange feeling, I do
not understand, why me pulls to you, in fact we are familiar not
enough time. Probably, it because I already for a long time did not
test love. I ask the God that you have not thrown me.
I look forward your letter and your help that I could arrive to you!
I love you!
Your love Ekaterina
(Den Namen "Ekaterina Sokolova" findet man auf diversen Seiten mit Scammer-Warnungen. Besonders kreativ scheint Oleg, Dimitri oder Vladimir (oder wie immer der russische Mugu heißen mag) nicht zu sein.)

Nachdem sich Bernd-Klaus durch endlose Dünnpfiff-Mails arbeiten durfte, drehen wir nun den Spieß einfach um.
Soll Kati zur Abwechslung doch auch mal was arbeiten und ein wenig suchen.
Western Union hat Bernd noch nie gehört...
In Antwort auf:
Von: BKA
An: Ekaterina
14. April 2008 15:38

My dear Kati,

I miss you so much. I want you to hold me so much. When time allows,
and we can be together the way we want to, I'll hold on as if it was
my last mission. I miss you so much, I wanna' run away with you far
away so no hurt would taint us. But that is just a fragment of my
imagination and fantasy. It helps to fantasize sometimes to dull the
hurt of things I experience. I miss you, my love, and want nothing
more than to be in your arms until you kiss my problems away.

I love you from now until death do us part. Right now, you're living
so far away from me that it is killing me, but I know in my heart that
we are doing the right thing. And, you are trying to get things
straight so we can live there forever and spend a lifetime together. I
don't want to lose you for anyone else or anything that anyone has to
say about you. I want you to know that I love you from the deepest
part of my heart. My love for you is unconditional. The love for you
is so strong and the most powerful feeling that I have had in a long
time, and I am just at a lost for words when it comes to you. I just
wish that their was another way that we could be together without
living so far apart right at the time being. I want you to know that I
love you and always will, and there is nothing that will ever change
how I feel about you. I love you.

What further words can describe what we have together? For our love to
grow as it has this past year, I took with every beat of my heart.
Words can no longer describe it, but rather in feeling and emotion of
what we have for each other. You have always had the key to my heart,
and you inside my heart has made me more than I can ever be. Though
the sea separates us till that special day, I know we take each breath
with every beat, and always together ... as one. I love you with all that I am.
Another night without you by my side ... sometimes I do not have a
clue about how I will be able to pull through this, or where I will
get the strength to make it through the empty days and lonely nights.
The day you return is all that keeps me going, it will be heaven, and
then I will be complete again.
What is "Western Union"? I have never heard about this.
Why don't you give me your bank account, I guess this is much easier?

I love you so deeply there are no words to explain the tremendous
tidal wave of emotions flowing through me just from the sound of your
voice, the mention of your name, the vision of your smile or thoughts if you.
Today I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, as my
love for you grows with every passing hour. I love you more than


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RE: The Russian Groom

#20 von Cuchulainn ( gelöscht ) , 14.04.2008 15:57

Passend dazu auch die Werbung, die Google bei der Suche nach "Ekaterina Sokolova" einblendet...

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