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I am Mr.J. Saddam Hussein, Son of Mr.Saddam Hussein

#1 von Valentin ( gelöscht ) , 11.08.2007 21:05

Eine Mail aus der Gruft....Hilfe Saddam Hussein ist wieder da - zumindest sein Sohn.
Und ausgerechnet der schreibt mir !

In Antwort auf:
Datum: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 16:28:16 +0100 (BST)
Von: "Saddan saddan" <>
Betreff: I am Mr.JSaddam Husseinr, Son of Mr.Saddam Hussein
Dear ceo,

I know it might interest you to read from a name/somebody that is strange to you.Well,in a nutshell i know that people are saying that we are finish but some are gone but i am alive,please i need these to be CONFIDENTIAL ok.
I am Mr.JSaddam Husseinr,Son of Mr.Saddam Hussein who was until August 15,the President of Iraq.As you may have heard through the international media,my country iraq has been in war since 1999 my Father assumed office.Recently,the international community mounted pressure on my Father to step down hence that was one of the conditions the rebels gave to lay down their arms.My father but he did not due to the love he has for the country and took asylum in one of the Middle East [The super power of the Arab continent].recently he was arrested to come to the world court for judgement. However,as the son,I was able to make some money for myself .But since we were hurried out of office I was able to smuggle out the cash[USD30,000 000 M]to a neighbouring country DUBAI for safekeeping.

It was deposited with DIPLOMATIC GLOBALS SECURITY COMPANY LLC under the guise of photographic materias.It is only the man incharge DR SANNI ADAMU and my attorney in DUBAI that knows the real content of the box. it was later moved to clearing house of DUBAI under a special arrangement What I desperatly need now is a trustworthy fellow overseas who I can take into confidence to come forward to make claim of the said consignment.This person upon acceptance will be made the beneficiary.Furthermore,the fellow on succesful movement of the money out of DUBAI will manage on my behalf the funds.At this point may I inform you that my father was finally put to death on the occasion of Islamic festival of sacrifice. The most shocking part of the hanging was that his legs were chained while ropes were put around his neck.You will keep 30 percent of the total sum for your assistance.

Should you be willing to cooperate with me,please do get in contact with Barrister Gill Hams who I have authorised to coordinate the project.Please note that the lawyer will change every deposit papers to your name as soon as you indicate interest.On arrival to DUBAI,you will be guided by the attorney and Dr Sanni Adamu to open a non-resident account.Thereafter,you will proceed to the deposit company to take delivery of the consignment[cash]and move straight to the bank for lodgement and after this,you will through a written authorisation direct the bank to transfer the money to any account of your choice Please contact My barrister at or his private telephone number for further qustion(s)if any.

Lastly,this is to inform you that I took a photograph of the money and inserted it in the internet as evidence of my claim. Thanking you for you cooperation in advance.

Sincerely yours,
Saddam Hussein
get to me be these email address

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