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RE: Verarmter Adel

#81 von Nomademusic ( gelöscht ) , 12.03.2007 01:10

Und der Governor Prof. Soludo schreibt wieder an S D H.
Er verspricht die angeforderten Dokumente, oha!
ob er wohl das "Formular für Zentrale Aufklärungsverhinderung" mit Beiblatt b!"
besorgen kann?!? Und die "Negative Unterlassungserklärung Finanztransfer, EU Standardform 28/1"

Mal sehen, die deutsche Bürokratie nimmt es da sehr genau...

In Antwort auf:
soludo charles <>

(Empfang) 07.03.2007 / 13:56

Nachrichtenart: E-Mail


Attn: Sir/Madam,

This is email is exclusively directed to you ,
due to the recent on going matter in subject
to the release of $5M belonging to Dr.Baron Bumpfdacke .

However , it has been properly brought to my understanding
that the emails that was earlier sent to you by my secretary was unprofessional .
Please accept my deepest apology if this may have caused
any confusion to your finance company .

Furthermore , be advised that the requested documents
which you have requested from me will be fowarded to you as soon as possible ,
but be advised that the Anti Terrorist certificate and money laundry papers
will be secured from other top ministries in my country
which I do not have the documents in my possesion ,
but I shall foward all other papers with effect to you .

Finally , I need your urgent response with further question and issues on this matter
and I promise to do my best . It has also been brought clear to me
that due to the high rate of internet scams in the world today ,
your company has decided to involve skepticism
Please bear in mind that this transaction is not related to internet scams ,
all you need is comply strictly with my further directing
and be rest assured that we will work hand in hand to execute this matter with effect .

Best wishes ,

Professor Charles Soludo
Executive Governor Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

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RE: Verarmter Adel

#82 von Nomademusic ( gelöscht ) , 12.03.2007 01:16

Ja und noch eine Mail an S D H, diesmal vom
Auto Responder vom Prof. Soludo.
Was der sich alles leisten kann!
Aber das ist sicher Standard in der Chefetage
des Nigeria Central Banktower...

In Antwort auf:
soludo charles <>

(Empfang) 07.03.2007 / 20:26

Nachrichtenart: E-Mail



This is from the office of the central bank gorvernor,
upon receipt of an sent to you yesterday,
dated 5th march 2007. this an auto response reminder mail
as in regards to the mail sent to you on the 5th march.
As in regards to Dr.baron-von. Due to some rtequested vital information
as in regards to this contract transaction,
i will like you to read and digested and get to me A.S.A.P. so we can proceed,
i have also spoken to your client as well, so the bank awaits your immediate response.

Best regards,
Entire body {C.B.N.}
Executive gorvernorof c.b.n
Prof charles soludo.

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RE: Verarmter Adel

#83 von Nomademusic ( gelöscht ) , 12.03.2007 01:33

Der Prof. schreibt sich die Finger wund, hat der Governor of the
CBN nichts anderes zu tun?
Keine Antwort aus Deutschland, fast eine Woche lang,
nichts von S D H und nichts vom Baron, bis
diese traurige Nachricht beim Prof. eintraf...

In Antwort auf:
Datum/Uhrzeit:(Versand) 08.03.2007 / 13:59
Betreff: Baron Bumpfdacke

S D H / Frankfurt


- - Finanzagentur - -
- - Berlin - Frankfurt - London - New York - Tokyo - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
S, D & H Braubachstr. 27, 60311 Frankfurt
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
S D H 23A///Moi/n/H/e/in///537 ###

---------DEIN DICKEN M. I. B. T.
--------Dr. GEIZ HALS M. I. B. T., Int.
In Association with:
Clow & Gowner N.Y.
D.U.Spits & Bub Co. Lon.
Schlaw. & I. Ner Inc. Tor.
L. Ang & F. Inger Hon.
DIN.kel //// Sch.u//bid/u
1 42 / 3456/647 /////////////
Ref.No. 00Klo/019
To: Date: 08.03.2007/ Frankfurt am Main

Professor Charles Soludo
Executive Governor Central Bank of Nigeria

Honored Prof. Soludo,

it is with great sadness to let you know that we received
word yesterday of the tragic death of
HH Baron Dr. Aloysius von Bumpfdacke-Schwarzenwein.
Words do not adequately convey our feelings of sorrow,
loss and compassion.

Our good and well trusted customer found the way home
in the night of 06.04.2007 caused by heart attack.

HH Baroness Jolanda von Bumpfdacke Schwarzenwein is
in deep sadness. With time we can contact her
to be able to continue all financial and business matters.
At the moment all financial matters and transactions are stopped.

It is our sad duty to inform you about this unexpected tragedy
and we want to express to you, honored Prof. Charles Soludo,
our deepest sympathy and compassion.

The Ministrantenpräsident of Reinland-Pfalts knallz
directed three days Trauerzwang.
National flags are set to halfmast.

The old Prince Horst von Hosenleer da Hodenlos comes with
his young wife Princess Tussi von Mannschlapp-Ranbolz
and her true companion Landgraf Bolz zu Rohrverleg,
the 1. Vorsitzende of the Verband
Anständiger Christlicher Landfrauen Frau Valhalla Kotz,
the Minister for Emanzen and Rotsocken
Frau Angelina Wyczoweg-Krzcynewasowiczlowski,
Generalzeugwart Hackenknall,
the Bundesgurkenpräsidentin Frau Soein Ferkel
a honor legation of the Deutsche Zuhälterschutzgemeinschaft,
and many other honoured representantives and elder statesman
will take part at the funeral ceremony. This will take place on next Sunday
in the Kloster Domkirch zu Münsterkapelle

Baroness Jolanda von Bumpfdacke-Schwarzenwein gave us instruction
to invite you, Prof. Charles Soludo to take part
at the ceremony as an honour guest.
Please be so kind to inform us if it is your wish to come.
Next possible airport would be Frankfurt, we could arrange a
convenient travel and residence for you here in Germany.

With my deepest and truest sympathy

Best regards

Dr. Hals von Geiz zu Kragenweiss M.I.BT, Executive Director
S, D & H Braubachstr. 27, 60311 Frankfurt
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
BBP Bank, BlZ 10120500, Kt. Nr. 157487334
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
S D H 23A/537 #1084
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

M.urks/ 1 42 / 34/kur//zab.erd///ünn//N//UR3cm///son.M//ist
Sc-hmu 23/4///080307--------watnu----------------I-C-O-D-E
1 42

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RE: Verarmter Adel

#84 von Nomademusic ( gelöscht ) , 12.03.2007 01:48

Der Baron ist tot, aber da lebt ja noch die
Baroness Jolanda von Bumpfdacke-Schwarzenwein.
Den Baron hat es in ihren Armen vor Entkräftung dahingerafft,
aber die Baroness ist nicht traurig darüber sondern:
Da muß ein starker Mann her!

In Antwort auf:

An: soludo charles <>

Betreff: Liebeszauber

Datum: Sun, 11. Mar 2007 21:36:44 +0100

My dear Sir Prof Charles Soludo,

I am Jolanda, wife of Baron Bumpfdacke.
Or I was his wife and this is good so!
The advocats write me they send you a mail
about his death.
But dont believe I have speaken with the
bank director about this money, this is not true!
The baron spoke with his secretaire and he made
all this things. I did not want this!
Advocats only want to steal your money.

And you must know, the Baron had nothing,
this is all my money! He couldnt go to the bank,
I must go! I have much more money than he knew,
and he always spoke about his lousy 10.000s euros.
I am really rich! Aloysius was a poor man. And old.
Yes, very old. And I am young!
Not 50 or 60, thats what he always told other man.
I am 35 and very alive.
And this night was too much for him.

He was not a strong man like you are!
You look so strong and superior! Since I saw your
picture I only think of you. If you want I can
send you a picture from me too. With clothes?
I am not interested in money, I want you!
This week is full with dates because of the dead baron,
but next week would be good. Charles can you come to me?

Your Jolanda

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RE: Verarmter Adel

#85 von Nomademusic ( gelöscht ) , 19.04.2007 01:49

Der Prof. Soludo hat mir noch ein paar Mails geschrieben,
wollte die Fotos sehen...
Aber ich habe aus privaten Gründen ein paar Wochen keine
Zeit gehabt, außerdem ist mir der Typ so richtig unsympathisch
geworden, so ein Oberschleimer, und oberdoof....

Die Geschichte ist wohl beendet, aber es war ganz erbaulich,
und ein paar schöne Bilder hat er auch geschickt.

Ich hoffe das Lesen hat Dir Spaß gemacht.


zuletzt bearbeitet 19.04.2007 01:54 | Top

RE: Verarmter Adel

#86 von Sven Udo , 19.04.2007 03:56

@Nomademusic, der Bait und die Story hat uns allen viel Spaß gemacht - beim lesen!

Weiter so kann man da nur sagen!

Sven Udo


Sven Udo
Forum Guru
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RE: Verarmter Adel

#87 von Sven Udo , 18.08.2007 23:48

Prof. Soludo mit Geldkiste. Die Kisrenstory hat schon sooooo einen Bart...

In Antwort auf:
Datum: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 15:43:07 +0100 (BST)
Von: "CBN, GOVERNOR Prof. Charles Soludo" <>
Dear Friend,

Good Day.

I Know this might appear very strange to you this moment, but that is the way the BIG FISHES swims in this part of the world and particularly for those in top possitions of power.

This contact is for a partnership DEAL to assist me move out those two ( 2 ) crates of funds valued at $20 Million USD in clean $100 bills to safety. $10M in each box.

NOTE: The source of this money is genuine and unconnected with TERORIST or MONEY LAUNDERING. It came as a result of some ACCUMULATED OVER INVOICED CONTRACT VALUES from both foreign and domestic contract awards from my bank ( CBN ).

I have no intention of making use of any domestic bank here in my country to accomodate this funds due to the very sensitive nature of my possition in the society and for security reasons. THE funds have been proffessionally packaged by me in highly Top Secret environment. I have successfully moved it out of the CBN via a cargo air flight this morning to a private security firm through a perfect underground arrangement.

The crates of funds were now registered with the firm as DIPLOMATIC DOCUMENTS of a friend Abroad. It is now ready for shipment, and this is were I need a faithful partner BECAUSE I HAVE TO REMAIN UNDERGROUND AND ALLOW YOU TO CONTACT THE FIRM TO RECIEVE THE CRATE ON MY BEHALF.

I saw your email address while brousing the internet and decided to write. If you can handle it, then we have a DEAL. We can establish a binding partnership agreement only between us, and based on mutual understanding of the need to expand our financial horizing through a genuine transaction without betraying the TRUST of each other.

If this piece of information interests you, then you can keep $4.5Million of the total sum for safeguarding this partnership while $500,000 can be used to offset any future expenses that you might incure from the security company for shipment cost and any other logistics at your end. I will take my annual brake by the first week of December to meet with you for my $15Million.

You can reach me now only thruogh this Email:
Do reply so that i will introduce you to the security company for onward proceedings.
NOTE, This is a TOP PARTNERSHIP SECRET between you and me. We can open a friendship discussion on this project as soon as I hear from you with your personal details and phone numbers for a quick communication.
In case you reject this offer, please I expect that you do not link or expose me to the Government of my country.

Yours Faithfully

Prof: Charles Soludo
CBN Governor.

Sven Udo


Angefügte Bilder:
Aufgrund eingeschränkter Benutzerrechte werden nur die Namen und (falls vorhanden) Vorschau-Grafiken der Dateianhänge angezeigt Jetzt anmelden!

Sven Udo
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Schon wieder ein Bolkiah.........

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