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Russische Betrugsmail Beispiel 1.

Von: Anastasia
An: ***
Gesendet: 14:39 Mittwoch, 7.November 2012
Betreff: Hello
Hi Dear, My name is Anna.

And I feel so lone.
I am a single lady from Ukriane seeking a very important person in my life,
and I expect that is YOU.
I am very excited to make friends with you.
Do you consider we have a chance to build a real relationship?
Waiting to hear from you!!!

PS. I can turn on a webcam.

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Mail to: Anastasia

Russische Betrugsmail Beispiel 2.

Von: Ekaterina
An: ***
Gesendet: 23:43 Montag, 5.November 2012
Betreff: Hi! Is it ok if ask you some questions about love and life?
You were linked and advised by your friend,
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Hi! I am still single and you?

Her message for you:
Here you can see my new photos for you:

Mail to: Ekaterina

Quelle: Betrug durch russische Frauen bei der Partnersuche

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