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Lad - Aus dem Englischen heißt "junger Mann". -> Bursche "junger Mann"
Mit Lad bezeichnen Baiter die Scammer. Abkürzung auch für "Lads from Lagos = Scammer"

• Lad - A scammer
• 419 - The Nigerian criminal code for advance fee fraud
• Mugu - Nigerian Pidgin term for "big fool". Nigerian scammers often refer to their victims as mugus
• ASEM - Accidentally Sent E-mail. Some baiters send out emails to scammers on "accident", revealing some fake plan that the scammer will try to get in on.
• Badger - A baiter-baiter (as in, they try to waste baiters' time like baiters try to do to scammers). Very rare, but these legendary creatures have been `spotted before.
• Guyman - often used by Nigerian scammers to refer to themselves
• Massbait - A bait involving many baiters all going after one scammer (often with a plot between them) to drive him nuts
• Safari - A bait where the baiter leads the scammer on a trip
• Joker - What scammers often call us

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